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LOLjerky Discount Code & Coupons

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Various Types of Jerky:

For most people, when they consider jerky, they envision beef. While their creativity might allow for several types of beef jerky tastes, they often don’t consider other types of meat.

Semi-moist and flavorful — is the greatest snack for when you’re on the road or just on the go. But in today’s modern era of jerky-making, you shouldn’t be restricted to only beef jerky meat… there’s an entire world of jerky possibilities out there.

Wild Game Jerky

If you’re in the Mountain West, like us, you likely know A hunter or two… or even take advantage of hunting season yourself. Though some search only for sport, most people hunt chiefly for wild game meat.

Great for steaks on the grill or cooked over a campfire, we Prefer using wild game meat for hickory-smoked jerky. Whether you favor elk, venison or buffalo — those types of meat make some of the very best jerky around.

Exotic Jerky

When it comes to researching different Types of jerky, you Want to try out several alligator jerky? It is lean and yummy. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even have a walk on the wild side using some kangaroo, wild boar or even Tibetan Yak jerky.

For the bird-lovers, duck, turkey, and ostrich (yes, ostrich!) Jerky are always great exotic options.

For the Beef Jerky Die-Hards

If you’re determined to stick with the beef, then there are plenty of unique kinds of beef jerky out there. While most commercial beef jerky beef is dried, smaller-batch gourmet providers typically opt to hickory-smoke their own beef.

When it comes to comparing Kinds of beef jerky, two matters To watch out for are fillers and additives — such as preservatives, nitrates along with binders. The very best beef jerky is made of solid strips of high-quality top or bottom round and is not chopped or scratched.

The Finest Jerky Flavors

Whether you are talking beef or other, more exotic types of Jerky, at times it’s great to dip out of your comfort zone to new jerky flavors. While initial beef, elk or kangaroo might be your go-to, why not spice it up a bit?

If you want a little kick, possibly give peppered hot, sexy or Habanero-flavored jerky ago. For your garlic fans, garlic black pepper jerky Is a must. And in case your pallet is much more, on the other hand, teriyaki or candy and Hot jerky hit the spot each time.

LOLjerky Coupons 2019

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