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Negative Effects of Listening to Music By Using Earphones

Technology is the most necessary evil of our times and one such necessity currently is that of earphones/headphones. When you are taking a morning stroll or crossing the street or boarding a train or bus, drinking coffee at the cafe or taking calling at work in the course of the day, there will be a variety of listeners using earphones to talk. But, if you let the earphones in to a great extent, you may not be causing any disturbance to others who are around you however you are injuring yourself to not be aware of the fact that it is happening.

It is estimated that the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that about one billion people in the midst of the world could be at possibility of losing their hearing due to their uninformed hearing habits that they engage in using headphones.

The most significant issue with headphones is the loudness that they offer the ears. The earphones can emit high levels of sound near to the ear. They are extremely risky. However, it should be understood that it’s not just about the volume level of the headphones, but also the time that they are utilized. They are also exposed to bacteria as well since they are exposed to numerous places in which they’re kept. Sharing earphones opens the way to the transmission of bacteria, which can cause adverse effects on the ears.

How do earphones that blast sound damage your ears?

Earphones emit sound waves that travel to our ears, causing the eardrum move. The vibration spreads out to the inner ear through tiny bones before reaching the cochlea. It is a space in the ear’s inner part that is filled with fluid, and is composed of thousands of tiny hairs’. Once this vibration is received by the cochlea, the fluid reverberates and hairs move. The louder the sound the higher the frequency of vibrations and the more hairs move.

Continuous and prolonged exposure to loud music causes hair cells lose their ability to detect vibration. Sometimes, loud music causes the cells to begin bending or folding inwards, leading to the feeling hearing loss. Hair cells can or might not be able to recover from these intense vibrations. Even if they do recover, they usually aren’t functioning normally, which could result in the loss of hearing forever or even deafness. It is nearly impossible to recover from.

Negative Side Effects of Using Earphones

Some of the dangerous ways that earphones be harmful to our ears are:

  • NIHL(Noise-Induced hearing loss)
  • Tinnitus
  • Hyperacusis
  • Hearing loss
  • Dizziness
  • Otitis otosque
  • Ear wax that is excessive
  • The pain in the ear
  • The brain’s effect

Hearing loss:It is not only about the amount of sound you let your ears hear through earphones, but also the length of time that can result in hearing loss caused by noise (NIHL).

Tinnitus:The damaged hair cells that line the cochlea may cause an ear-ringing, buzzing or roaring sound within the ear or head. The resultant electrical sound is known as Tinnitus.

HyperacusisMore than half those suffering with tinnitus can experience heightened sensitivity to ambient sounds as well. The condition is known as Hyperacusis.

Hearing loss Like we said earlier the sound of loud music or prolonged exposure can cause hair cells bend to a certain extent and this may result in temporary or even permanent hearing loss.

DiazzinessMany instances, increased pressure inside the ear canal caused by the loud sound can cause dizziness.

Ear diseases:Since the earphones are directly inserted in the ear canal they hinder the flow of air, which increases the risk of developing infections in the ear. Long-term and regular usage of earphones also boosts the development of bacteria. The bacteria remain on the earphones , and with time can infect the ear. If the earphones are shared the same bacteria that are in the ear of one person can be transferred to the other which exposes the person to severe ear infections.

Ear wax that is excessive:Using the earphones for long period of time can cause excessive ear wax, which increases the risk of developing hearing loss, tinnitus headaches, and frequent ear infections.

Ear pain: Long-term usage of headphones as well as the use of headphones that are not properly fitted can cause pain and sometimes extend to the inside of the ear , which can lead to soreness around the area that the ear is located i.e. from the jaws up to the top of the head.

Impact in the mind:The radio waves the headphones emit cause problems for the brain in the short term as well as in the long run. The noise level of high decibels can strip the nerve fibers’ insulation which transmit signals from the ears into the brain. Ear infections may also affect the brain.

It is possible to protect the ear from serious damage by the earphones if they are aware of the dangers and making small routine modifications.

How to prevent the damage to your hearing through headphones?

The following suggestions can be helpful to avoid hearing damage caused by headphones or earphones:

  • The most fundamental change is to limit the volume to a very high level.
  • Be aware of your exposure to sounds and the time you are exposed to it.
  • Use headphones that block out noise
  • Utilize an over-the-ear model to prevent direct sound vibrations that can harm the eardrums and directly touching the ear canal
  • Clean the headphones regularly to prevent the buildup of sweat, bacteria, and skin that has shed
  • Do not use earphones while traveling via bus, car train, or walking. The noise of public transportation adds decibels due to the background noise.

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