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Five Reasons to why Black Coffee is the Perfect Pre-Workout Drink

A highly efficient drink to start your workout might be a surprise. You won’t see it mentioned in the fitness publications or even on supplement store shelves. You don’t need to scoop it from a bottle that has an attractive name and blend it into water. All you need to do is go to your favorite coffee shop and purchase an iced cup of Joe with no sugar and cream. It’s important to make your coffee before you work out black since the addition of sugar and cream can cause stomach upset and hinder your exercise.

1. It will aid in burning fat

If you drink it prior to exercising, it could result in fat cells being used for energy rather than glycogen. Additionally, the large quantities of caffeine present in black coffee increase your metabolism, which will make you consume greater calories over the course of the day. Drinking coffee prior to exercise increases the effect. In addition, caffeine and the other chemicals present in coffee can act as appetite suppressants which means you consume less overall.

2. It boosts the athletic performance.

A number of studies have proven the connection between consumption of caffeine prior to exercise and an increase in athletic performance. A study that was published in Sports Medicine refers to caffeine as an “powerful ergogenic aid” and states that athletes could “train at a higher capacity and/or work out longer” after consuming caffeine. Another study , published within the British Journal of Sports Sciencefound that people who drank coffee prior to running for 1500m on a treadmill could exercise 4.2 seconds quicker than those who did not in average. If you want to get an edge in your training coffee could be what you’re looking for.

3. It improves concentration and alertness.

Alongside the more energy to go through difficult workouts, black coffee helps improve mental concentration as well. A sharper focus and increased alertness can help ensure that workouts are productive and efficient.

4. It can help to prevent illnesses.

One of the benefits that coffee has is that it can keep your body healthy from illnesses. Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants, which guard against the damage caused by free radicals. According to a study in 2011 released in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition Coffee consumption is associated with an opposite relationship with Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease as well as some forms of cancer.

5. It will reduce the muscle strain during training.

Researchers from University of Illinois researchers University of Illinois found that people who had coffee prior to exercising experienced less discomfort in their muscles during their workout than those who did not drink coffee. What can you learn from this study? You’ll be able to perform more reps with greater resistance during your weight training sessions as well as run faster and long during cardiovascular workouts.

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