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A Laser cutter’s environment is crucial

Your laser cutter or laser engraving environment has a profound impact on the efficiency, reliability, and long-term life of the machine.

Lasers produce heat as a result of process inefficiencies. Therefore, the room temperature should be monitored. The laser can fail if it is too hot. This can be very costly and dangerous. To ensure reliable and long-lasting use, it is important to effectively remove and control heat. All lasers have an integrated cooling system. This can be done by fans, or a chiller unit.

While most people know this, it is often forgotten that temperature can also affect how cold the environment is, especially when the Laser cutter is off. Even in the hottest countries, temperatures can drop to below freezing over night.

Some environments can be temperature controlled, but not on weekends or other non-working days. Temperatures can drop/rise to unusual levels. Many elements in the machine will expand or contract when temperatures rise above normal. This is especially true for RF lasers made from metal.

Humidity is another factor. Humidity can also play a role in influencing the performance of electronics.

The ideal room temperature is between 15-30c. Negative reactions can also be caused by rapid changes in the room temperature. We see an increase in support calls during long public holidays like Christmas.

Because of the possibility that components could overheat in oily or dusty environments, moving parts may seize up and optical components can become damaged by external contamination, laser cutter is not recommended for use in these environments.

Laser cutting machines must be kept away from heat/cold/air sources such as fans, radiators or air conditioner units. They should also be avoided near south-facing windows that could be subject to solar gain.

Laser cutters must be protected against water, moisture and unstable power supplies.

Some workshops have machines that produce significant vibration. This can cause the laser cutter’s optical elements to be misaligned.

As a potential influence factor, the floor type is often overlooked. Laser cutters must be placed on a level, stable surface. This becomes more important as the machine gets heavier and larger. Mezzanine and flexible floor types are not recommended as they can twist the frame of the motion system, causing it to bind.

If industrial conditions are present and these factors cannot be controlled, consider creating a separate room where the laser can be shielded from any potentially hazardous factors in the main factory.

The best place to put your laser cutter in is one that you feel comfortable working in and wears normal office clothes.

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