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Why Do My Feet Hurt the Following Running?

The Cause:

The most frequent causes your feet may be damaging after a day of walking are swelling, cramps, and blisters. And there is nothing unusual about some foot pain after standing on your toes for an extended quantity of time. If you do not walk regularly and one day you decide to go on a 5-mile walk through the forests, chances are you are likely to encounter some foot discomfort later that day. If you’re asking”why would my feet hurt in the morning,” it may mean you’re the body isn’t quite used to the amount of exercise. However, the more you talk the simpler it is going to feel on your toes.


The usual cause of foot pain after walking is swelling. After a lengthy walk, then you might see that your feet are red and puffy. Nothing to worry about, this is completely natural because blood is forced into your toes while walking.

But, there are techniques to alleviate the pain. Try elevating your toes or soaking your feet to decrease inflammation after a very long day of walking.

Foot and Leg Cramps:

How do foot and leg cramps happen? You can find a couple of ways. For one, there is the overuse of a muscle building. As mentioned before, if your legs and feet aren’t conditioned to wander long distances, you may pass the brink of cramps after only a couple of miles. Slowly increasing the distance and intensity of your walking will help prevent leg and foot cramps later on.

Foot and leg cramps out of walking may also be caused by dehydration. When the body doesn’t get enough water, it causes your muscles to work harder and tougher, literally heating up. In a manner, drinking water keeps your feet and legs cool like petroleum helps modulate an engine’s temperature. The hotter you are getting, the more probable it is that your muscles will begin to tighten up, resulting in muscle cramping and strain.

Foot Blisters:

Foot and heels blisters can be quite debilitating. Fortunately, they’re very preventable. But why do you obtain foot blisters from the first place? Blisters Are brought on by friction, and aka heat. As you walk your feet obviously rub Your shoes, even if it’s hardly noticeable. The more friction which occurs in Your sneakers, the more likely you are to produce a blister. Are further afield when moisture comes into play. Sweaty or otherwise wet Feet cause the skin . It’s 1 rationale wool socks are a must when Hiking – wool does not absorb liquid like cotton.

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