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Camping is among the most effective ways to escape your busy schedule and center yourself in exactly what Mother Nature has to offer you. There’s nothing like waking to the sunrise of a new day below a forest canopy surrounded by fresh mountain air. A weekend camping trip might calm the mind, rejuvenate the entire body, and feed the spirit.

Yet sometimes, camping involves less feeding of souls and much more becoming fed up. The most seasoned cyclists have undergone torrential downpours, discounted off tents, abandoned items, inedible food, and intestinal woes. Many start campers are turned off from the hobby by a seemingly unending stream of accidents which they can only attribute to some kind of camping curse. Do not let this be you.

Camping really can be fun, once you’re not waking up in a pool of water from your leaky tent or choking down charred remnants of what was a hot dog. Here are a few typical camping mistakes and also the best method to prevent them before you go out on your journey so you can spend additional time gathered around the campfire and not as much time collecting your final ounce of patience.

Forgot that the Tent Poles:

There’s nothing worse than the sinking feeling when you recognize that the tent poles were not in the bag you thought they had been. It’s no problem if you like sleeping with a tarp on your face like you’re trapped beneath the parachute from elementary school gym class, however, most people like our clothing three-dimensional.

Option: The best approach to avoid forgetting is not to forget! Fortunately, we all have devices available which assist our not-so-reliable memory. Before a significant trip, make a camping checklist on your own phone. Visualize all of the things you need for the camping setup before you begin packing, and be as detailed as possible. Then lay out all of your equipment and check it off the list. Make sure you check off all your equipment before putting it in your car, so you don’t have to play bag Jenga attempting to test if your stove made it in the vehicle or not. Save the record and add to it when you will need to so you’ve got a thorough list every time you camp.

Campground Is Not What You Predicted:

Nothing ruins a weekend escape such as coming in the secluded Lakeview campground you saw on Instagram to comprehend that your only view is of a sea of people and RVs. In the event that you had an image of lush camping under a starry sky, it can be disappointing to reach a campground that looks more like Times Square than a relaxing outdoor hideaway.

Option: Thanks to the internet, you do not need to know the neighborhood secret places to have a great camping experience. Start your planning at a site like Hipcamp, where you can find public and private campground information, locations, reviews, booking information, and photographs of the actual thing. Locate the ideal campsite for your wants and book online to save from driving hours only to pull up to a full campground.

Don’t Know How Your Stove Works:

A common error from novices – coming into the playoffs only to understand that you don’t know how to prepare your brand new gear. Sometimes a tent seems like an elaborate booby trap compared to the usual kind of shelter, and it’s not fun to attempt and solve that mystery in the dark after a day of trekking.

Option: Avoid having to live from granola bars and exercise working with all of your gear beforehand. The perfect way to exercise is by having a backyard campout! Make certain all your equipment is in working order and you may assemble, use, and disassemble all by yourself it until you leave home. This is helpful whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, and it is an enjoyable way to prepare for the camping season and catch any gear malfunctions before you venture out.

Broken Gear:

A backyard campout will be able to help you catch worn out or cracked gear in your area, but sometimes camping gear likes to wait till you’re deep in the forests until they give up. All of us dread the noises of equipment failure: riiiiip, crack-crack-crack, or even SNAP! These things happen, however, gear failures can be a major fail if you are not the MacGyver type.

Option: Sometimes you can’t avoid a ripped seam or busted zipper, but you may be well prepared. Ensure to make a Knife in case you need to engineer some tent poles out of sticks or cut your paracord for a backcountry repair. If you drop or break apart on your GSI equipment, please take a look at our Spare Parts or contact us for a replacement.

Nowhere to Go:

Nature is calling and I must go… Most front-country campgrounds have some sort of toilet facilities, but what can you do if you’re camping with no access to a bathroom? You can not hold it all weekend, so do you simply squat behind a bush when no one’s looking?

Option: No, we can not just do it just like the creatures do. Get yourself a handy-dandy trowel for cathole digging! When digging a cathode, then select a spot at least 200 feet in your campsite or even a water resource. Holes should be 4 inches wide and 6-8 inches deep. Don’t forget to cover the gap and pack any toilet wipes or paper to Leave No Trace!

Camping mishaps are bound to happen if you are a tent pitching novice or an ultralight expert. Keep these camping fails from destroying your outdoor experience by being ready, studying how to sew, and also remembering that when everything fails, sometimes you just need to laugh it off.

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