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How can you reduce the health hazards of smoking cigarettes?

Smoking cigarettes is among the leading cause of deaths and disease within the UK.

Each year, 78,000 residents in UK die due to smoking cigarettes while a lot more suffer suffering from debilitating illnesses caused by smoking.

Smoking increases the chance of developing more than 50 serious health problems.

Certain types of cancer could be fatal, and some can cause irreparable permanent damage to your health.

There are many ways to get sick:

  • if you smoke yourself
  • If you are around people who use tobacco (passive smoking)

Smoking poses health risks

Smoking is the cause of 7/10 cancers in lung cancer (70 percent).).

It also triggers tumors in a variety of other areas of the body, such as the following:

  • mouth
  • throat
  • voice box (larynx)
  • The oesophagus (the tube that runs between your stomach and your mouth)
  • bladder
  • Bowel
  • Cervix
  • kidney
  • Liver
  • stomach
  • pancreas

Smoking causes heart damage and blood circulation, increasing the chance of developing diseases like:

  • coronary heart disease
  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • peripheral vascular diseases (damaged blood vessels)
  • cerebrovascular diseases (damaged vessels that supply oxygen to the brain)

Smoking is also harmful to the lungs, causing ailments like:

  • chronic obstructive respiratory illness (COPD), which is a combination of asthma and Emphysema
  • pneumonia

Smoking may also aggravate or prolong the effects of respiratory diseases like asthma as well as the respiratory tract infection like the common cold..

For men, smoking cigarettes can result in impermanence because it restricts the flow of blood for the penis.

It also can reduce the fertility of females and males.

The health risks associated with smoking cigarettes in a passive way

Secondhand smoke is produced by the end of a lit smoking cigarette, as well as the smoke smoker exhales.

Smoking secondhand or passive smoking, can increase your chances of contracting the same health issues that smokers suffer from.

If, for instance, you’ve never been a smoker but have a partner who smokes, your chance of getting lung cancer increases by around one quarter.

Children and babies are especially susceptible to the negative effects of second-hand smoke.

Children who are exposed to smoke inhalation is more at chance of getting respiratory infections in the chest, meningitis, an ongoing cough and when they suffer from asthma the symptoms become worse.

They’re also at a greater risk of the death of a cot and ear infections known as glue ears.

Smoking is a health risk during pregnancy

If you smoke during your pregnant, you are putting the health of your baby at risk, along with your own.

Smoking while pregnant increases the chance of complications such as:

  • error in transmission
  • early (early) the birth
  • A baby with a low birth weight
  • stillbirth

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