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There are many types of wireless charging:



The most popular type of wireless charging technology is Powermat’s. You can place your phone on a pad to charge it. Duracell’s Powermat product is made. It allows you to place your smartphone on a pad and charge it automatically.


This eliminates the need to carry around a charging cable. This is particularly useful for iPhones that require a specific charger that cannot be used with other chargers. This means you don’t have to be right next to a wall outlet in order to charge your iPhone.


In the future, Powermat charging points will be available at counters and tables in restaurants and coffee shops. You will need a case to fit the Powermat technology if your device does not have the right receiver.


Nexus Wireless Charger


Google produces the Nexus wireless charger. It is a wireless charging device that can charge Nexus devices. It costs less than $50 and can be attached to any table, countertop, desk, or other surfaces for easy access to battery charging.


The Nexus Wireless Charger plugs directly into an electric outlet. Even though you will still need to be stationary for charging your Nexus device, you won’t have to worry about cables.


Samsung Wireless Charger


The wireless charger costs $60 and charges your phone very quickly. The micro USB port can be used for charging your smartphone when a wireless charger cannot be found.


Samsung offers a back cover for Samsung smartphones that are not compatible with the Samsung wireless charging system. This cover is approximately $13 and allows you to use your smartphone with a wireless charger.




PowerSquare, a company that offers wireless charging solutions that cover large areas of the ground, is an innovator in wireless charging. This eliminates the need for you to align your device with a charging plate.


Intel Charging Bowl


Intel’s wireless charging bowl was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2014. It can charge almost any device, even your tablet or smartphone.


The Intel Charging Bowl will be available before the end of 2014 This product was very popular at CES 2014. The price is yet to be revealed. It will be a handy device that you can keep near your home. You can simply empty your mobile device into the bowl to charge it when you get home.


Dipole Coil Resonant Systems


The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is currently developing a wireless charging product. This system can charge up to 40 smartphones simultaneously, and it is possible to be used as far as five meters away.


Two magnetic coils are used to inductively charge the Dipole Coil Resonant System. This technology can also power larger devices, such as your TV or electrical appliances at home. Although the prototype is not affordable for consumers, it can be used in public places to charge your devices. You can charge your phone within designated areas in a city by using a Wi-Power Zone.

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