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The Important Reason of Organic Baby Clothes:

It’s no secret that the word”organic” is a cool buzzword for producers of everything from apples to shampoo. There is real science behind the value of pesticide-free foods going into our own bodies but what exactly about what goes on our bodies? It turns out that experts seem to agree organic supplies generally, including organic baby clothes, are a good idea for babies.

Their skin is truly 30 percent thinner than adults’, too.” It is this skin concept that leaves infant especially open to absorbing harmful additives and artificial chemicals that are often sprayed on large-scale commercially produced fabrics which are not of natural origin. “The U.S. has strict requirements on what could be known as organic cotton. The National Organic Program states it has to be 95-percent free of pesticides and chemicals. It is debatable whether they induce cancer, but high doses of these chemicals are thought to induce endocrine disruption,” Dr. Gerstner states.

It is not just a topic of organic cotton for small ones, however. According to Dr. Gerstneryou should be avoiding synthetic substances altogether when it comes to little ones. “Organic baby clothing are a fantastic idea but the main recommendation is to prevent artificial fibers. Synthetic fibers are made out of PVC, petrochemicals, esters, and other chemicals that are known to be associated with immune disorders, behavioral issues, and cancer using higher vulnerability. Searching for sustainable non-toxic and fibers dyes is a fantastic beginning.”

A study printed in 2014 really shown a link between using ethers, normally found on mass-produced children’s and infant clothes, to premature puberty beginning, hormonal disorders, and a lot of different problems. If you think that sounds pretty frightening, you are not alone. There’s been a major tendency for even fashion to go organic over the past decade or so, and also on-trend designers are still hopping to the health bandwagon eagerly.

“I put out with the intention of being a dress designer,” shares Monic Royer, CEO of Monica + Andy, a lineup of entirely organic children’s clothes. “Before my daughter was born I really didn’t think much about organic baby clothes, but when she was born she’d kept getting skin and itching reactions. We understood much the hospital clothing were bleached and chemically treated, so I spent a great deal of time focusing on more safe and natural substances. Everybody was speaking about organic strollers, mattresses, and pricey’safe’ formula–what about what we put on our babies? I knew I needed to concentrate on baby clothes”

Royer says the need for organic fabric-based infant wear is a growing tendency, and it’s not only about the desire for a pesticide-free lifestyle for the majority of parents. Flame retardants particularly, are commonly used on almost all global imports of garments, meaning if it is made overseas and does not have an organic certification, it’s probably sprayed with fire retardants. Her company has not stopped short at offering just fashion-forward dresses and seersucker toddler shorts, because her lineup enlarged to newborn hospital wear to match increasing demand.

“Millennial moms are aware of these additives they’re using, and nobody is 100-percent ideal, but everybody is drifting to the tendency of getting fitter and more conscious, especially when it has to do with kids”

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