August 2019

Is the iPhone 6 Really A Game Changer? August 2019

Apple’s new iPhone 6 has hit the marketplace in a big way. According to reports from the tech giant, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have broken all previous sales records, based on comparable three-day launch periods.

Some 10 million phones have already been sold. That is one million more than the previous three-day record for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

The launch of the “5’s” generated sales of 9 million and included numbers in China where the 6 is not yet available, making the new sales figures even more impressive.

Apple fans are grabbing these devices as never before. But do these phones represent a major breakthrough or simply a smaller step in the iPhone evolution?

Design elements are surely impressive. The 6’s are larger and visually appealing. The standard 6 has been enlarged from the iPhone’s 4.0 inches screen to one that is 4.7 inches.

The 6 Plus is has gone full “phablet” with a 5.5 inch display. It offers optical stabilization in the camera, something missing in the standard 6. It also provides the ability to run more apps in the horizontal landscape mode and use a split screen feature. It has more battery life than the smaller version.

Both phones have a flatter design with a faster A8 processor. Speeds will be improved over WIFI and LTE. Voice quality over LTE should be better. More onboard storage is available too.

Apple Pay is incorporated on both phones. This is the company’s way of turning your phone into a virtual digital wallet.

Android users that have fled the Apple brand may wish to take a second look at the 6s. The larger screens and additional customization are good reasons to return to the easy to use iOS 8 operating system. The bumped up storage tier goes a long way to closing the gap with iPhone competitors.

Hard core Android fans will point to a selection of phones that cost less and have higher resolution. They will point out that their devices have better battery life, removable SD storage and even removable batteries.

Many Android followers are eagerly awaiting the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in mid-October. This could set the stage for a heated mobile phone battle.

The Galaxy Note 4 will rival the iPhone 6 Plus in size. Though slightly smaller in length it will have a larger display. This includes a 16 megapixel rear camera compared to the 8 megapixels on the iPhone, though the Apple device is known for the best detailed photos available.

One can debate the screen quality of Apple’s retina display versus Samsung’s Super Amoled HD. The microSD slot is a feature not available on the iPhone. The stylus on the Samsung is said to be the best the company has offered. This is not included on the Apple device.

Overall the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are much anticipated upgrades to existing Apple phones. They offer sleek design, improved features, and greater size in a slicker user experience.

The phones offer significant improvements for both business and personal use.

Though many Android users may not be overly impressed, one major difference is the iPhone app store which offers thousands of applications that Android cannot touch.

Whether one considers the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus real game changers should heed the response of the marketplace.

Sales of 10 million devices in a three-day period leave little to debate.

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