August 2019

iPhone 5S – A Great Phone With Sleek Look and Better Build Quality August 2019

Have you seen the latest iPhone 5S by Apple? What is striking about the phone is the fact that while most companies have manufactured phones in multiple sizes, Apple has always stuck to the same size with all their phones. There is very little in this phone different from its predecessors, but it is an improvement of the same in several ways.


Since the size of the phone has remained more or less the same, its screen size also remains at 1136 X 640 as of its predecessor iPhone 5. You can, however, get higher resolution and bigger screen if you choose Android devices.

Touch Id

This is one of the most important features of iPhones. The Touch ID can be programmed to recognize five fingers, which can be your own or a combination of yours and four other trusted people. There is nothing much you have to do here apart from simply holding your finger to the sensor as the phone scans your fingerprint. Once this is done, your phone is ready for your personal use. When the phone was first released, Apple had a few complaints about the Touch ID being not very reliable. However, an iOS update has fixed the problem and now the phone reader is much more reliable and faster. In addition, you can register the same finger twice to increase its recognition capacity.

The Touch ID works almost perfectly well- be it at any angle or rotation. With a simple tap on the Touch ID, you can get the phone to work for you. The brilliance of the design lies in unlocking the phone with one swish. The sensor works smoothly most of the times. The only times you are likely to face a problem is if your fingers are wet.


Although Apple has improved itself steadily with every new product, there is one area wherein it has not managed to better itself -and that is the build quality. This matters a lot for Apple because iPhone 5S is indeed a great phone. The Gorilla Glass covered screen looks impressive. The aluminum rear is so precise in its measurement and cutting that it fits snugly with the glass panels at the top as well as the bottom. The neat and lean edges of the device are simply perfect and the thickness is of about 7.3 mm, which makes it a cosy and comfortable device for the owner. In addition to its size, the weight is another attractive factor of iPhone 5S. It weighs 112gms, which makes it almost as light as a feather.

In conclusion, iPhone 5S is a great phone with beautiful, sleek look and is just right for the pocket.

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