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Different types of barcode readers:


Pen barcode readers look like small, wand-shaped sticks. They resemble a small pen. The pen-style barcode reader is made up of an LED light and photodiode at its tip. This tip is used to illuminate the white and black bars by passing it over a barcode. The photodiode measures light reflections and can determine the width and color of each bar. This allows you to digitally read the barcode and transmits it to another unit for processing.

Barcode readers with a pen or wand are durable and inexpensive. They can scan packages and other items quickly, and are easy to use for one user. The scanner may require some practice due to the imprecision and shakiness of human use.



A laser barcode scanner, which is slightly more sophisticated than a pen scanner can read more precisely and prevent scanner errors or false positives. A laser scanner uses a beam of laser light to target a mirror within the unit. The mirror moves so that the laser sweeps along the barcode in straight lines. The light then reflects back onto a diode which measures the amount of reflection. This reflection is converted into a digital signal reading of the barcode. Laser scanners are either mounted in a scanning device or can be used as part of a handheld device.



A charge-coupled device (CCD), also called an LED scanner, is made up of hundreds of tiny LED lights that are arranged in a long row. These lights are scanned directly onto a barcode. A sensor measures the voltage and reflection of each lightbulb. This voltage measurement gives a digital snapshot of the barcode. Although CCD units are expensive, they can be extremely accurate and versatile.


2D Camera

Some barcodes don’t have white and black bars. They contain white and black spaces within a 2-dimensional (2D) target. These 2D barcodes are not compatible with standard machinery. However, they allow for flexibility in information coding because they can hold and provide more data than standard barcodes. A 2D camera image scanner will be required to read these barcodes. The camera is made up of many tiny lights, similar to the CCD scanner but arranged in multiple rows. The lights shine onto the barcode to take a digital image of it. This digital signal is then sent back to the software. The software decodes the information.

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