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Use These Modular Kitchen Accessories

These accessories are guaranteed to improve efficiency and storage.

Modular accessories for kitchens can be customized to suit different cooking styles and provide smart storage. They also ensure a clean look, great organization, and ease, making your day-today cooking enjoyable.

So that you can achieve a modular kitchen design, it is important to select the accessories before renovations begin. These accessories will optimize every square inch of your kitchen, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Cutlery organizers
When cutlery organizer trays are placed in drawers they eliminate clutter and chaos, especially when it is urgent to locate things quickly. The kitchen accessory has compartments in various sizes that can be used to store spoons, forks or knives.

Pull-out baskets
To accommodate pull-out baskets, consider drawers of different sizes. Some pull-out baskets include plate and cutlery organizers. This allows all of the contents to be seen when pulled out. Each basket pull-out is limited in its loading capacity, so it’s important to not overload them. Overweight can cause drawer alignment problems and cause them to sag.

Bottle pull-outs
Because they optimize narrow spaces in the kitchen, bottle pull-outs make a smart modular accessory. They are narrow in width and have two to three narrow shelves. These shelves can be used for storage of seasonings and cooking oils. These shelves should be placed close to the stovetop, so the ingredients can be reached quickly during cooking.

Tall units
A tall unit can be added to your kitchen if space is available. This accessory is essential because it can be used as a pantry. It is perfect for keeping all your regular food supplies, such as flour, dals and sauces , together with other items that don’t perish easily. The accessory’s height allows for maximum storage. You can store everything inside and on the doors.

Corner unit
Corner units can transform the corners of U-shaped and L-shaped kitchens into efficient and functional spaces. These corners are often overlooked in traditional Indian kitchen designs. They are difficult-to-reach places that make it difficult to create useful cabinets. Corner units can slide in and out, allowing storage and access to the most difficult corners.

Accessories for under-sink
Because of the sink’s depth, and the presence of a pipe (to connect it to the waste pipes), there is not much space below the sink. This area can also be prone to becoming messy from spills from the dustbin, water and food spills during utensil washing.

  • To hide this area, install a cabinet door underneath the sink.
  • This area can be used to store your kitchen towels and cleaning supplies. You can also install racks or other accessories under the sink.
  • A dustbin-holder can be installed on the interior of the cabinet door. It will hold the garbage bag, and keep the floor area clean, hygienic, and tidy.

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