August 2019

How to Look Good in Scrubs August 2019

Looking good is your right. We all want to look good and professional in our work uniforms. Nobody wants to look incompatible or ugly. As a healthcare professional, you too have the right to look and feel great. And looking good in your scrubs, has many benefits for your long shifts.

Medical uniforms look comfortable from the outside. But only a nurse would know how difficult it is to feel good and stylish in them. Medical uniform models look great because they have a clothing stylist, and we don’t have any stylists to come fit us every morning. Follow these useful tips to enhance your good looks in your medical uniform.

Buy good quality scrubs

Firstly, you should invest in some good quality scrubs. You will not have any wrinkle or stain problem with the better quality ones. Look for comfortable but durable ones.

Choose a great fit

It’s true that your uniform needs to be comfortable, but comfort doesn’t mean settling for sloppy outfits. These days you get a variety of fits. Look for a fit that best suits your body type. Highlighting your waistline provides the best results. Therefore, choose the scrubs that have bands across the waist to emphasize your waistline. For women with narrow upper body, look for a scrub with an empire line. You could also invest in some tailoring for the most flattering fit. Go shopping with your friend who can give you an honest opinion. Or, you could ask someone to take your picture in different fits, which will help select the best that suits your body type.

Choose a color that suits You

The right fit is incomplete without the right color. Therefore, when you are looking for nursing scrubs, it is equally important to consider the right color. Rule of thumb; opt for a color that is different from your facility’s interior. Select a color that highlights your eyes and best suits your skin tone. Different colors have different qualities. Some are healing, and some are soothing. Hence, I would recommend you to consider color psychology when it comes to choosing the right color. If you have received compliments in the past on a certain color, then go for the same color. You don’t always have to match your clothes for a stylish look. Wear a flattering shade top with a neutral color (white, black, brown, navy, gray) pants. Or, you could go for printed tops. Especially, if you work with kids, fun prints are great.


You need to accessorize appropriately, whether you pick a solid color or printed design. Your goal is to create an organized uniform with every aspect in its right place. Watches can help you can strike your style and go beyond your simple look. Along with your watch, wear a subtle necklace and earrings for a change, you’ll love it. Keep your accessories very simple if you are wearing a patterned top. Pearls (pink or white) and diamond studs add a glow to your face, doesn’t matter if it is fake or real. Hoop earrings (medium-size) look good on women of any age.

Do your hair

You should be open-minded about your hairstyle. Invest in a good haircut that best suit nurses. When choosing a hairstyle, consider your long shifts and whether your new hairstyle will come in the way of your duty. Short hair looks a great on nurses. If you have long hair, there are different ways to style your pony tail. Just spend some time online.

Invest in good shoes

There are different nursing shoe brands these days. They offer trendy and comfortable shoes. Throw away the Crocs, they are ugly and doesn’t add to your personality.

Be appropriate

Remember, you should always give out the right message with your look. Professional, stylish and pulled-together look is what you want. Know your organization’s dress code, and select uniforms in accordance with the rules. Take note of any special requirements for shoes and color-coded uniforms.

Take care of your scrubs.

Keep your uniforms in good condition. Wash them carefully and try different steps to slow down the process of discoloration and shrinking. Sterilize your clothes with pre-diluted detergent and wash your clothes at the lowest temperature possible. Make sure your pants are quarter to a half inch off the floor so that they don’t drag on the floor. For that, Always carry small stain removal sticks with you. If you want to iron them, always check the labels. Taking proper care of your work wear will help you look great, as well as save you some money.

Always make it a habit to spend some time on your outfit and your looks before you head to work. And remember, when choosing a medical work outfit; make sure that they aren’t too tight. It is uncomfortable and not professional at all.

Be careful and choose the right fit, go for colors that compliment your skin tone. At last, one caring smile is the best addition to your appearance.

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