August 2019

How to Get a Fabulous Camera Without Going Insane? August 2019

1. Pixel
It is a measure of dots per inch that makes the picture sharp and clear. More pixels mean that you will get higher quality of result in a picture. Although high-resolution camera might cost you some extra bucks, it will translate into sharp and crisp pictures. For the best result, you should select something between 6MP-8MP.

2. Zoom
The lens is the heart of a camera. It has an important role in determining the quality of a picture. Choose an optical zoom camera as it offers awesome close-ups that accentuate the minutest detail behind an image. A camera with 3x zoom will be more than enough for optimum result.

3. Shooting Modes
It is never easy to shoot in bad light conditions. So, you should be smart enough to choose a camera that offer different modes to suit the light conditions, such as portrait, night portrait, snow, and landscape etc. These specialized modes produce excellent pictures when you are shooting in poor light conditions. Therefore, you should always buy a camera that comes with variation of shooting modes to adjust with poor exposure of light.

4. Memory
Most of the digital cameras has memory card which is measured in gigabytes (GBs).The more capacity you have, the more pictures you can store. Keeping this in mind, you should pick a camera that has a higher capacity memory card. Although, it costs some additional money, it truly deserves it. As you can store more pictures in higher memory storage, you will gain more in the long run

5. LCD
An LCD screen is the most prominent feature of a digital camera. A good LCD screen gives you a precise review of the picture quality. A camera comes in different LCD screen sizes to suit your needs. You can select from stationary, swivel, rotate and flip according to your preferences. A larger LCD screen will give you a clear view of the subtle nuances in an image. If you are a professional photographer, then a 2.4″ LCD screen should fulfill your requirements.

6. Battery
Since a digital camera comes with so many enhancements, it is important that you buy one that has longer battery life. A digital camera normally comes with a (Li-ion) lithium-ion battery along with a charger. There are also batteries that can charge themselves while the camera is in operation. You can also use AA batteries which work particularly well with digital camera. However, there is no substitute for (Li-ion) lithium-ion battery as it is both cost-effective and efficient.

7. Brands
Brand is an important factor when it comes to buying a digital camera. Currently, the most famous brands in digital camera are Canon, Nikon and Sony. They outdo every brand in performance. Depending on your preferences, you should pick a brand that can satisfy your specific needs.

Buying a digital camera is a process in itself which involves several factors. However, if you know your preferences, the whole process becomes easier. For example, if you are a professional photographer, you should consider the Canon brand as it manufactures only high-end and sophisticated digital cameras. But, if you are an amateur who is looking for something that could gratify his inner desires, then Sony should be your choice. In simple words, buying a digital camera involves more of your priorities than brand and money. Always do your market research before buying a digital camera. Remember that a little research can substantially save your hard-earned money.

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