August 2019

How Seasonal Colour Analysis Can Help Someone Build a Wardrobe August 2019

Each year women set out to build their ultimate wardrobes. Sadly, each year many women fail. Shopping for clothes can be a stressful and overwhelming experience when one does not know what to look for. Sometimes magazines don’t help because although it may give someone a sense of what is in style, it may not work for them.

Thus each season, many women are left confused and frustrated as to why the clothes they intended to purchase do anything but flatter them. However, if one makes clothing decisions based on their personal colouring and body type, then she will not only save time shopping but also reduce the amount of stress she encounters when shopping.

Although many women select their makeup according to what hues flatter their skin tones, few women take that same attention to detail and apply it to their fashion sense. The truth of the matter is women should purchase clothing shades according to their skin tones and hair colours.

There are many benefits to selecting the correct colours in a wardrobe and many disadvantages to selecting the wrong ones. The correct shades can enhance a person’s skin colour, hide flaws and make their features pop. However the wrong shades can enhance flaws, wash out skin tones and mask features.

Thus it is highly important that women know what type of hues suit them. The system takes a person’s undertones (skin, eyes and hair) and their hair colour into factor to help a person decide which hues are right for them. It uses a person’s dominant skin tones to help classify them into a certain group.

Those groups are spring, summer, autumn or winter. Women with light hair colours will typically fall into the spring or summer category whereas darker haired women will be either autumn or winter. The same theory that women use to purchase their makeup shades applies to the same guidelines they should follow for their clothing decisions.

Women with a bluish tint to their skin colour and no warm highlights in their hair will be either summer or winter. Warm skin and hair will place someone in the spring or autumn category. Knowing where one falls will help their shopping excursions move along more efficiently.

When people know which season they are, it will help them prevent fashion mistakes and keep more money in their pockets. The goal of building a wardrobe is to have foundation pieces that can last a lifetime. Thus it is imperative that one selects the correct and most flattering pieces to take them every step of the way.

However, that does not mean that if one falls in love with a piece that does not complement their season, they must forego purchasing it. The key to implementing another season’s hues into a wardrobe is through two means. The first way is by incorporating that colour into accessories or through opting to purchase the colour in a more complimentary hue.

For example, baby blue does not typically flatter people with warm skin tones, however, people with warm tones look especially well in navy or darker versions. Thus, sometimes simply subbing an unflattering shade for a more flattering tone is all it takes to take advantage of a certain colour.

The same belief can be applied to selecting jewellery. Silver jewellery pairs well with springs and winters (cooler shades) whereas summers and autumns are extremely flattered by gold. Yet, mixed metals, which is a big jewellery trend, can be enjoyed by women of all skin and hair tones.

Everyone wants to look and feel better and colours have the transformative effects to do just that. When a woman knows her type, she will save time and money on her shopping adventures and be able to purchase essential foundation pieces for every wardrobe.

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