How do I get rid of static in my hair after straightening it? February 2024

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How do I get rid of static in my hair after straightening it?


Among the reasons that your hair is running an electric charge is the fact that it is dehydrated. Through the winter our strands can become dry because of the lack of moisture in the air. Needless to say, the cold winter winds and hot indoor warmth aren’t doing your own hair any favors. Give your hair a few TLC by moisturizing your strands using a smoothing hair oil. This powerful oil will help produce diamond-like glow and may be applied on dry throughout the day to maintain fly-aways at bay.


So as to help balance your hair’s normal control, consider using an ionic hair dryer when drying your strands. Ionic dryers work by emitting negative ions to assist separate water molecules. This process not only can help to wash your hair faster but in addition, it will help to reduce heat damage which could dry out your strands.


Don’t let fly-aways get the very best of your hair. Fight frizz on-the-go using anti-flyaway sheets through the day. Only stash some in your bag and head outside the doorway.


It is time to ditch your cotton lined or oil hats in favor of alternatives with lace or silk lining. Using a smoother cloth on your hair, your strands can lie flatter and won’t be roughened up from the substance. Instead your hair will glide a,cross the material, which will help prevent frizz and dreaded hat hairloss.

5) COMB WITH hair lossY:

Don’t leave your house with no hairspray or even a metallic comb . They are the perfect traveling companions for taming your mane throughout the rainy months. Simply spray on your metal comb with hairspray and spoon out of root to tip. The hairspray will help tame any fly-aways without causing the hair to seem tired or difficult. Additionally, the metal pulp itself helps to eliminate any built up static on your hair as the inactive will attach to the metal rather than your own strands.


Another fantastic way to feed your hair the moisture needs is by using a leave-in conditioner throughout the winter. The product will help hydrate the strands and defend it from the varying temperatures and weather requirements. Simply spray the item throughout your strands and comb to evenly distribute. When you have hair that is on the rough side and is needing some intense nourishment, it is also possible to try using a leave-in moisturizing lotion which could moisturize parched strands without slowing them down.

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