August 2019

How Different Is iPhone 6 From iPhone 5S? August 2019

With each new version of a phone that is released, every new company tries to add in a few more distinguishing features all the time. So when Apple announced the launch of its newest phone, the iPhone 6, iPhone 5S users were probably already thinking about changing over. Apple has been a pioneer when it comes to invention and while the iPhone 6 hasn’t really become a game changer, in the aspect that it’s introducing NFC technology for the first time in Apple phones, something that’s been there in Android phones for long, there is no denying the fact that the iPhone 6 is a star in itself.

Here are some reasons why you should consider upgrading to an iPhone 6:

• Bigger display – The 4.7 inch screen along with the cleared LED display makes the graphics on this phone look amazing as opposed to the iPhone 5S. it also has a 6.8mm thick design as opposed to 5S which is 7.6mm thick!

• Better Games – For the game lover, this display becomes the ultimate screen to play on. Not only can you manoeuvre your games more easily on the screen but also have a better view of the entire game on the clearer LED display.

• Better performance – While the A7 processor on the iPhone 5S is crazily fast and is just being understood by a whole lot of people, the iPhone 6 enters with a much faster A8 processor! The only difference however, is that the leap wasn’t as big from A7 to A8 as it was before A7.

• Best ever camera – The iPhone 5S itself had a beautiful camera with crystal clear images and great filters to put on it.

• Voice over LTE – This is one of the newest phones to announce the voice over LTE feature in its phone connected to voice calls. This is one of the best reasons to have the 4G service enabled on the iPhone 5S as opposed to iPhone 6.

• Power button – As opposed to all other Apple products, the power button on the iPhone 6 has been moved to the side from the top! This makes sense for the new phone since it has been made bigger in size, thus the power button is easier to reach this way.

• Apple Pay – An iPhone 6 launched app where you can make all your payments over NFC which wasn’t allowed on an iPhone 5S.

If the question still remains as to whether you should upgrade to an iPhone6 from a 5S, the answer will probably remain to wait and watch its progress. While there are a considerable amount of commendable and noticeable ups from the iPhone 5S to the iPhone 6, there has not been such a gigantic leap in its upgrade. Do not forget to buy a protective cover for your iPhone 6 as well. Protective cases can help you protect your iPhone easily.

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