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Types of Earphones & Headphones:

Form Factor:

Headphones as you might know come in 3 type variables before We get onto the technical facets, let us figure out how many sorts of headphones are out there.

The bigger ones, which just get tuck into your ear pinna Are called in-ear headphones. These small audio boxes can be further of two kinds – The ones who just sit at the ear cavity as well as the other ones that get deep within your ears.

Both of the types are fairly widespread nowadays and a few People love the deep-seated headphones while the others prefer the easy earbuds. Both of those designs have their own merits and demerits, It’s up to you how you weigh them. The earbuds can lead to pain in the ear pinna if they’re too large or heavy.

In-ear earphones, on the other hand, may not fit all and Feel uneasy or retain falling from your ears. Though distinct sizes of hints do include these kinds of earphones to fit according to ear dimensions. The in-ear ones are somewhat more noise reducing and provide a better audio experience.

Even the earbuds are equally useful, as an Example, while Commuting, earbuds are a better option. The sound quality is not bad, but you won’t experience a deeper, richer sound as in the event of in-ear headphones.


Cans called headphones because of the round Headband which goes across the head whilst wearing is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a better sound experience and you don’t take care of the heaviness and also the size. Headphones also come in 2 flavors: The on-ear headphones as well as the over-ear headset.

On-ear headphones have a bigger ear-print, are mild and Smaller when compared with over-ear ones. The on-ear cans are made to cover just the year of this user while the ear ones pay the entire ear and more. If you want light things, the on-ear ones will be those for you.

The second kind sure seems kind of bulky and therefore are heavy(not By very much) but supplies incrementally better sound experience than an on-ear headset. I personally enjoy the tradeoff for lightness with a fraction of surrounded sound expertise, and hence on-ear ones would be my personal choice.

Over-ear in-ear on-ear headphones:


Though wireless headphones Aren’t that different to shape an Entirely different design category It certainly matters a good deal. Wireless headphones are more costly with the advantage of movability and lightweight. If you enjoy keeping your audio source such as smartphone someplace close and yet move around, have a jump or do some turning, wireless headphones are for you. They provide freedom from wires and are the only choice for cutting-edge flagships like iPhones along with Google Pixel 2.

If your music period does contain a little space for moving, Wireless is a good alternative, but if you’re a working rock like most people, Its use to cover that much additional buck for some cans, whose chief USP will not be put to use by you personally. The sound quality is a top-notch less compared to wired applicants but finally, It’s your choice to create, what do you place ahead? Mobility or sound quality.

Also, these require charging like any other electronic Handheld device and therefore don’t forget to charge them every odd five hours of use, that Can be a bummer for a few. Although there are cans That Are wireless Together with the choice for hammering in a 3.5millimeter cable, that’s cool, right? A large Salute to people behind this revolution.

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