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What is CBD and What Are The Benefits?

Are you sure it’s a medicine? Are you sure it’s an actual medicine? It’s not, it’s a “recovery super supplement’ and it’s not going to make you feel high.

CBD – also known as cannabidiol – is the latest child on the recovery scene and, as many other fast-fitting supplements there’s lots of hype surrounding CBD.

It is one of the more than 100 chemical components (known as cannabinoids) from Cannabis plant.

Within the UK, CBD has been classified as a “novel diet by the government. CBD is available in various forms such as oils and drops to creams, spraysand drinks, and Gummies.

The list of benefits is long and includes improved sleep, less anxiety, inflammation and pain relief among the most prominent. Some brands have even mentioned that CBD could lower the severity and frequency of seizures, safeguard the brain, encourage healthy skin, ease nausea, improve the cardiovascular system and reduce weight.

Professional athletes have backed it also, as WADA cleared CBD, with supporters in all sports, that range from UFC to triathlon golf, rugby, and triathlon. Former players of the NFL and other sports where opioids are reportedly widely used as painkillers are also outspoken for CBD.

In spite of the absence of evidence of CBD benefits for humans – the majority of studies focus on the effects on rats the market boomed towards the close of the decade. In addition, Marc Burbidge, from the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) is predicting that the industry of the UK alone will amount to PS1bn in 2025.

The CMC can be viewed as part of a strong international marijuana lobby that may have contributed to boosting sales, however, countless stories about the benefits provide the reason for the increase.

Benefits of CBD

“Larger amounts of CBD are proven to balance neurotransmitters inside the body and assist with various anxiety-related problems,” says Jess Hillard the nutritionist of the top sporting nutrition company Warrior.

“And while further research is required to be conducted however, there is evidence that CBD stimulates the neurons of the brain, resulting in an increase in the amount of dopamine released. This not only boosts the amount of energy, but also improves mood.”

CBD can also soothe the nervous system’s central part as proven by various studies.

Additionally, the latest research has demonstrated that CBD can decrease inflammation and pain. It does this by influencing the endocannabinoid system that is part of the nervous system to alleviate pain by releasing neurotransmitters.

Affidavit from the official

However however, the NHS cautions its users on its website that’some cannabis-based products are sold online without prescription. The majority of these items… may contain THC and could not be appropriate for use.’

The THC issue is an issue to consumers in the CBD market. In the past, many have considered the law to be subject to interpretation with regard to allowable levels of less than 0.2 percent (which isn’t enough to cause the desired effect) and have included the psychoactive ingredient in their CBD products.

Sports organizations, such as the UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) and the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) recommend caution.

‘Despite the permissible status of CBD but there’s still an inherent risk for athletes as well,’ says UKAD. The athletes must be aware of the possibility of accidentally inhaling the CBD product that has more THC than is expected or contains a cannabinoid which is not permitted during sport.’

The majority of cannabinoids, excluding CBD are not permitted in sports and USADA claims that they will remain within your body for a long time after you have used them. The agency also states that it is nearly impossible to get the pure CBD extraction or even oil from cannabis plants.

Confused? There’s more. There’s more. World Health Organization (WHO) states that CBD is generally well-tolerated with a positive safety profile’. However, an Harvard Medical School publication claimed that irritability, nausea and fatigue could be adverse negative effects.

Even though CBD is still a favorite of potential and fans but it’s not cheap.

In the end, unless more extensive research is conducted in the near future, the benefits of CBD are likely to remain mostly anecdotal. However, that doesn’t mean CBD isn’t effective for you.

Many have reported positive results from regular CBD usage. However, should you be curious, make sure you increase your dose slowly and don’t get disappointed if it doesn’t change your fitness and health.

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