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Everyone should be aware of the health benefits cannabis has for their health

There are many forms of cannabis, and the benefits of cannabis are ever increasing. Here Tara Leo from CaliExtractions shares her insights on the numerous benefits of cannabis.

CBD is a chemical found in cannabis that affects the brain. It makes it work better and gives it pain relief properties. Both can be extracted and infused into short-path distillation. The following are some of the health benefits that cannabis can offer:

Chronic pain relief

There are many chemical compounds found in cannabis. Many of them are cannabinoids. Because of their chemical makeup, cannabinoids have been shown to provide relief from chronic pain. This is why medical cannabis, a by-product of cannabis, is often used to provide chronic pain relief.

Improves lung capacity

Your lungs won’t be damaged by smoking cannabis, unlike smoking cigarettes. A study has shown that cannabis actually increases the lung capacity, rather than causing any harm.

Help lose weight

You will see that avid cannabis users are usually not overweight. This is because cannabis can help regulate insulin and manage caloric intake effectively.

Diabetes prevention and regulation

It is obvious that cannabis can regulate and prevent diabetes due to its insulin-related effects. The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC), has found that cannabis can stabilize blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation.

Combat cancer

The link between cannabis and cancer is one of the greatest medical benefits. Evidence is strong that cannabinoids may be able to fight certain types of cancer.

Helps treat depression

Depression is a common condition that many people don’t even know they have. Depression can be eased by the endocannabinoid substances found in cannabis.

Autism treatment shows promise

Cannabis has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve mood. Children with autism who experience violent mood swings can use cannabis to help them control their behavior.

Regulate seizures

CBD can be used to control seizures. Studies are ongoing to examine the effects of cannabis on epilepsy sufferers.

Mend bones

Cannabidiol is known to speed up the healing process by reducing the risk of broken bones. According to Bone Research Laboratory, Tel Aviv it also strengthens the bone during healing. This makes it more difficult for bone to fracture in the future.

ADHD/ADD Supports

ADHD and ADD suffer from difficulty focusing on the task at hand. These individuals have difficulties with concentration and cognitive performance. Cannabis is promising in promoting focus and aiding individuals with ADHD/ADD. It is considered safer than Ritalin and Adderall.

Glaucoma treatment

Glaucoma can cause additional pressure to the eyeball, which can be painful for those suffering from the condition. Individuals with glaucoma may find temporary relief by using cannabis to lower the pressure on their eyeballs.

Allave anxiety

Although cannabis is known to cause anxiety, there are ways around it. Cannabis can be used in controlled dosages and the right way to calm down anxiety.

Slow progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

Cognitive degeneration is a leading cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Cognitive degeneration is almost inevitable as we age. The endocannabinoid in cannabis contains anti-inflammatory substances that combat brain inflammation, which can lead to Alzheimer’s.

Take control of arthritis-related pain

People with arthritis can now use cannabis creams and balms. CBD and THC help patients with pain.

Helps with PTSD symptoms

Not only does PTSD affect veterans, but anyone who has been through trauma. The impact of cannabis on treating PTSD patients is currently being investigated. Cannabis can help control the fight/flight response and prevent it from getting out of control.

Individuals with multiple sclerosis can get relief

Multiple sclerosis can cause severe pain. Cannabis has been shown to offer relief. Multiple sclerosis can cause painful muscle contractions. Cannabis can reduce this pain.

Side effects of hepatitis C are reduced and treatment is more effective.

Side effects of hepatitis-C treatment include fatigue, nausea, depression, muscle aches, and fatigue. Some hepatitis C patients may experience these side effects for several months. Cannabis can reduce side effects and make the treatment more efficient.

Treatments for inflammatory bowel disease

Cannabis can provide some relief for those suffering from Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. THC and cannabidiol have been shown to increase the immune system. They also interact with cells that are vital for the function of the gut. The effects of cannabis can help to block bacteria and other compounds that can cause inflammation in your intestines.

Parkinson’s disease tremors can be treated

Parkinson’s patients can use cannabis to reduce their tremors, pain, and promote sleep. It also improves motor skills in patients.

Alcoholism Treatment

Another benefit of cannabis is its safety. Although it is not 100% safe, cannabis can be used to replace alcohol.

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