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7 Amazing Benefits of Electric Bikes

While the switch to electric vehicles might get more media attention than it deserves, in the near future it will be electric bikes that creates a revival of two-wheelers. E-bikes are rapidly growing in popularity and offer a more convenient commute than either gas-powered scooters, motorbikes or cars.

Electric bikes could be the future for inner-city transportation. They offer many benefits and are a popular choice for local commuters and college students. It’s also a more economical and sustainable alternative to using fossil fuel-powered cars.

What is an ebike?

An electric bike is a bicycle that has a motor that gives it a boost. Also known as pedal assist, an electric bike can be described as a regular bicycle with an engine that provides a boost. This extra push can prove to be very beneficial for those who are commuting long distances, carrying heavy loads, or riding on steep terrain. E-bikes can have larger tires, cargo trailers and racks like standard pedal bikes.

Electric bikes buyers should try a wide range of styles and models, as there are many differences in power and speed. There are three types of electric bikes in the United States. Each has its own acceleration and top speed. Class 1 has no throttle and Class 2 has a throttle with speeds of up to 20 mph and Class 3 has no throttle and speeds of up to 28 mph.

Electric Bike History

In the patent offices of both France and America, the very first electric bikes were recorded in 1880s and 1890s. One of the earliest electric bicycles was made in France. It had three wheels and was powered by a motor that could be controlled using a lever system. There were no pedals.

1989 saw the creation of the first Pedelec or Pedal Electric Cycle (now referred as pedal-assist). Instead of using a throttle mechanism for controlling the motor like all other models, pedal-assist allows riders to use an electric bike in a manner similar to riding a regular bicycle.

The number of electric bikes is on the rise worldwide. They are more easily available and have made bicycling easier.

7 Amazing Benefits of an Electric Bike

  • E-bikes are convenient and easy to use, even for the elderly and disabled. An e-bike makes it possible to commute by bicycle that is too far, too slow, or too long.
  • It’s easier to commute to work, without sweating excessively
  • Energy efficiency. Efficiency Vermont conducted a study that found that e-bikes can reduce driving distance by displacing 760 driving miles per year.
  • Cost efficiency (no parking fees, no gas expenses, no high maintenance fees)
  • Transport for commerce and inner-city deliveries is a cleaner option
  • There is no red tape E-bikes can still be considered bicycles, so if you don’t like the registration, getting insurance or plates, an E-bike could be a great option!
  • Regular exercise from the electric bike will keep you healthy and relieve stress.


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