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The 5 Greatest Bedtime Teas That Help You Sleep:

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1. Chamomile:

  • For many years, chamomile tea has been used as a natural remedy to decrease inflammation, decrease anxiety and treat insomnia.
  • Actually, chamomile is often considered to be a mild tranquilizer or sleep inducer.
  • Its calming effects might be attributed to an antioxidant known as apigenin, which is found in abundance in chamomile tea. Apigenin binds to specific receptors in your brain that can reduce anxiety and initiate sleep.
  • A study in 60 nursing home residents found that people who received 400 mg of chamomile infusion daily had significantly better sleep quality than individuals who did not get some.
  • Another study involving postpartum women who had poor sleep quality discovered that those who drank chamomile tea to get a two-week interval reported general better sleep quality than those who did not drink chamomile tea.
  • What’s more, a study involving people with chronic insomnia found that people who received 270 milligrams of chamomile infusion twice daily for 28 days fell asleep about 15 minutes faster than participants who didn’t get the extract.
  • Moreover, individuals who received the infusion woke up fewer times in the middle of the night, in contrast to the placebo group.
  • The results of the studies are encouraging, particularly for those who struggle with having a great night’s rest. However, further studies are required to confirm chamomile tea’s effects on sleep.

2. Valerian Root:

  • Valerian is a herb that’s been used for many years to treat problems like insomnia, headaches, and nervousness.
  • Historically, it was used in England during World War II to relieve the strain and anxiety caused by air raids.
  • It’s available as a dietary supplement in liquid or capsule form. Valerian root can be often dried and marketed as tea.
  • Researchers aren’t completely certain how valerian root functions to increase sleep.
  • However, 1 idea is that it increases levels of a neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA.

3. Lavender:

  • Lavender is an herb often touted for its soothing and aromatic scent.
  • In ancient times, Greeks and Romans would frequently add lavender into their drawn baths and breathe in the calming fragrance.
  • Lavender tea is made of the tiny purple buds of the flowering plant.
  • Originally native to the Mediterranean region, it has now grown globally.
  • Many folks drink lavender oil to unwind, settle their nerves and aid sleep.
  • In fact, there’s research to support these supposed advantages.
  • A research in 80 Taiwanese postnatal women showed those who took time to smell the aroma and beverage lavender tea per day for two weeks reported less fatigue, compared to those who didn’t beverage chamomile tea.

4. Lemon Balm:

  • Lemon balm belongs to the mint family and can be found all around the world.
  • While often sold in extract form for use in aromatherapy, aloe vera leaves are also dried to make tea.
  • This citrus-scented, aromatic herb has been used for reducing stress and enhancing sleep since the Middle Ages.
  • Evidence shows that lemon balm increases GABA levels in mice, indicating that lemon balm may serve a sedative.

5. Passionflower:

  • Passionflower tea is made of the dried leaves, flowers, and stalks of this Passiflora plant.
  • Traditionally, it has been used to relieve anxiety and improve sleep.
  • More recently, studies have analyzed the capability of passionflower tea to improve sleep and insomnia quality.
  • For instance, 1 study in 40 healthy adults found that those who drank passionflower tea daily per week reported significantly better sleep quality, compared to individuals who didn’t drink the tea.
  • A second study compared passionflower in conjunction with valerian root and jumps to Ambien, a medication commonly prescribed to treat insomnia.
  • Results revealed that the passionflower combination was as effective as Ambien at improving sleep quality.

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