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Advantages of Vitamin Supplements for Kids:

As many as a third of U.S. cats and dogs may receive Vitamins or nutritional supplements. The most usual are multivitamins supplements to encourage arthritic joints, along with fatty acids to decrease shedding and enhance a jacket’s glow, based on your 2006 study printed in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Pet owners may also provide probiotics to relieve gastrointestinal troubles or antioxidants to counteract the effects of aging, like cognitive dysfunction.

With a growing population of aging, overweight dogs, the Marketplace for dog nutritional supplements is anticipated to increase 37 percent by 2012, reaching $1.7 billion, according to Packaged Facts, a market research company.

Exotic nutritionist Susan Wynn, DVM, sees lots of Customers Inside her clinic near Atlanta that give their puppies vitamins and nutritional supplements. “They come with bags full occasionally,” she states.

However, do dogs want those vitamins and nutritional supplements? And so are They secure? Experts say a while, others do not, and a few are not necessary and might even be detrimental to puppies.

“Many Individuals do this because they need to, not since It is crucial,” states C.A. Tony Buffington, DVM, PhD, professor of veterinary clinical sciences at The Ohio State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

WebMD spoke with specialists for answers to frequently asked Questions regarding dog vitamins and nutritional supplements.

1. Can my pet need vitamins?

Most dogs get a balanced and complete diet – like Necessary minerals and vitamins from commercially processed pet foods, according to the FDA. Dogs fed a homemade diet might need nutritional supplements. “It is absolutely crucial, but it ought to be done in order to rival the daily diet plan,” Wynn says. “You can not just make a meal and offer your puppy a vitamin” Check with a veterinarian or nurse to get help in deciding what, if anything, is required.

2. Is there some danger in providing my puppy vitamins?

Possibly. When an animal eats a balanced diet and also Receives excess parts of several minerals and vitamins, it might be damaging, according to the FDA along with veterinarians.

Too much calcium may lead to skeletal problems, particularly in Large-breed dogs; a lot of vitamin A can damage blood vessels and trigger Migraines and joint soreness. Extra vitamin D may prompt a puppy to stop eating, Harm bones, and also cause muscles to atrophy.

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