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How and when to use storage containers to organize your stuff

I love and hate storage containers as a professional organizer. My goal is to create spaces that are relaxing, functional and personal for my clients. This involves clearing out clutter. While storage containers are a great way of organizing belongings after they have been decluttered and organized, too much reliance on them can backfire.

Particularly, some storage containers can be distracting from the process of decluttering. My clients may be tempted to focus on the container’s size to decide what they should keep instead of the more difficult decision of whether the item should go or stay.
People can hide things in storage containers to delay making decisions. It is easy for boxes to build up and become overwhelming clutter. Even clutter that isn’t directly affecting your daily life can cause you to lose your peace of mind because it remains on your subconscious to-do lists.

If you plan to use storage containers, which can be great tools when used properly, declutter your items first. Here’s what I recommend.

Before you choose storage containers , categorize your items

1. Deep Storage: Identify your belongings

These items are things you won’t use often but cannot part with. These items will not be used often and could be very sentimental to you. Make sure they are stored in safe containers. A plastic tub with a lid is sufficient, while a box that is acid-free may be better. Make sure to do your research and find the best way to store things you treasure.

2. Identify items for seasonal or occasional storage

You shouldn’t let things you don’t use often or only occasionally take up space in your main living spaces. They should be easily accessible. Extra place settings and platters that are used for entertaining might not be needed in the main kitchen cabinets. They could instead be stored in a garage or in the back corner of your pantry. These items should not be stored too deep. Otherwise, you might end up buying duplicates to save yourself the trouble of finding the originals.

Holiday decor, seasonal clothing, and camping equipment are all examples of occasional items. It is easier to find your items by organizing them into categories. However, make sure that the categories are appropriate for your needs. Your pumpkin tablecloth might work better in your Thanksgiving and Halloween storage than it would in your general entertaining storage.

3. Identify the Most Frequently Used Items

You should place frequently used items in convenient, easily-accessible spaces. These items can be organized by using storage containers. If you have 12 ramekins, placing them all in one bin will make it easier to retrieve them.

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