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The most frequently-asked questions about mow the lawn

Everyone who has a garden is aware that you’ve only left the yard for a few days before your lawn begins growing in a blaze of fire. If you simply cut your lawn without heeding any rules and guidelines isn’t a smart idea. There are many who spread falsehoods while talking to a neighbor or during a weekly gathering however, what’s real?

Mowing the lawn during summer: Do you have to cut the lawn in the summer when it’s hot?

It is not recommended. The lawn shouldn’t be mowed too often during dry and hot periods in summer. The reason is that the longer blades of grass prevent the grass roots and the ground from drying out too quickly and therefore will ensure healthy growth of the plants.

Mowing the lawn and season When and when to mow your lawn

The lawn must be cut in the first instance when the gardening season begins in the spring. From there, it is recommended to mow your lawn one or every week, up to autumn. The growth of grasses is particularly rapid between June and May. During the summer months, you should be sure to mow your lawn at least every week. In winter, your lawn doesn’t grow because of the cold temperatures therefore there isn’t any reason to mow it.

Is it necessary to mow grass that is wet?

You should not cut a lawn that is damp. This is due to the fact that grass blades are not properly cut when they’re damp and as a result, they stick together. This results in an uneven result in cutting. The effort required is greater because the cutting material becomes clumpy instead of spreading out or falling completely into the grass bag for catcher.

How do you cut your lawn properly?

To ensure a consistent, streak-free cut lawn mowers should extend the width of approximately one wheel within the area of mown. It is also recommended to mow vertically along the slope. This eliminates the risk of injuries from the mower if you fall. The lawn’s edges are left to be cut to perfection using manually slicing or the help of a lawn mower powered by batteries.

Should the grass that was mown remain there?

A topic that has been discussed for a long time. There are benefits and drawbacks for mulching (with Karcher the mulching kit included within the range of the delivery batteries lawn mowers) as well as when you cutting the lawn the traditional manner. The benefits of mulching include less lawn thatch, the removal of any cutting materials and less use of fertilizer. However, you have to mow more often and be sure to do this only when it’s dry. The benefits of cutting the lawn the traditional way are a tidy lawn that is less frequently mowed and the fact that lawn trimmings are a fertiliser for flowering plants. The drawbacks of this approach include the fact that more nutrients go to waste. Also, a mowed lawn has to be fertilised and there is additional work to be done in the process of the disposal of cut material.

The lawn is cut: the right cutting height for your lawn

The main principle behind cutting height of lawns is to not cut it too short, however, it should not be too long. It sounds a bit ambiguous however, the length or how short the lawn is cut depends on several aspects. A lawn that is cut too thin can damage the lawn, and can even damage the grass roots, particularly during hot and dry times during the summer. It’s the result that you get brown patches. Also, (Too too much) direct sunlight can be harmful! If your lawn is too small, it gets severely impacted by sunlight and weakens. This could lead to the weeds growing and taking over the lawn, little by small. This could occur in the event that the grass is not long enough. To ensure that the lawn is at the ideal cutting height lawn mowers are able to be manually adjusted to different cutting heights.

The one-third rule as well as the vegetation point have importance in this regard. It can be located the mid-point of the grass blade. If you mowing down more, it can take an extended time before the grass sprouts recover from this. Healthy grass growth is not possible, especially as the sun’s increased intensity also affects the lawn you have mowed. What does this mean in practical terms? A lawn should never be cut down to one-third of the height it is currently growing. This means that two-thirds remain, which is within the suggested cutting height. If you decide to go to the beach and your lawn is 15 centimetres taller the next few days, you must trim it 5 centimetres or less, i.e. not less that 10 to 11 centimetres. The best advice is: To maintain a lawn that is healthy it is recommended to trim a little less frequently, and to mow regularly and to consider the weather conditions and the state of the blades grass.

One trick to ensure an equal lawn cut is to cut into unmown lawn areas because otherwise, the grass blades are folded and don’t get up and stand again in a flash.

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