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Fashion Seasons: How it All Started and Where It’s Going

Fashion seasons can be confusing and intimidating. The fashion industry is moving away from seasonal collections has been the subject of much debate. We believe it is important to examine why seasons exist and how they work now.

This article will discuss the reasons for so much demand for “seasonless” fashion and what that means for customers. We will also examine some of the most talked about forecasts regarding the end of seasonal apparel lines as well as the rise of ultra-fast fashion.

What are fashion seasons?

It can be confusing, we know. What is the difference between summer and winter? This mix contains spring and autumn.

Fashion is classified into four seasons. These are Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter, Resort, and Pre Fall. AW Fashion Weeks are held in Paris and New York.

Resort was created because the most wealthy clients of fashion houses would buy these designs while on vacation.

In the past, there were only two fashion seasons: SS or AW. If we fast forward to today, many fashion businesses produce 52 mini-seasons each year. Customers should be able to quickly purchase clothing, as new trends are emerging each week.

Let’s find out how and why this transition occurred and what we can look forward to in the future.

What is the point of seasons for fashion?

We used to think of seasons as seasons when the weather changes. We thought that major fashion seasons were about changing what we wore to adapt to the climate.

It turns out that it is much more complex than expected. The seasons are a global indicator of fashion’s progress and efficiency. They help to determine the time and speed at which new collections can be developed, promoted, and sold.

Apart from the designers, manufacturers, and sellers of clothing, there are many others who need to know about the fashion industry’s cycles.

Apart from the prominent examples such as the publishing, advertising, and logistics/distribution sectors, there are maybe more surprise actors such as Pantone, the people who play such an essential role in determining the colors used in practically everything we see around us.

What time are fashion seasons displayed and sold?

Surprisingly, SS starts in January and ends until June, while AW runs from July through December. The Resort collections are available October through December while the Pre-Fall collection is available before the AW collections.

This is where the confusion begins, as both the Summer and Resort collections are sold in January, when it is still freezing outside. The same applies to winter. Winter apparel is sold when it’s still warm outside.

Fashion shops and brands like to release new lines of clothing as quickly as possible, so the previous season can be sold.

What about Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is a more complex affair.

Fashion Week in September hosts SS collections for the next summer. AW collections, however, are displayed in February next year.

Fashion Week is a great way to learn about the latest trends. Retail customers require time to view the collections and decide which items they want to buy. Fashion editors need to be able to view the collections and take editorial photos.

Labels often shoot the Pre-fall and Resort collections separately, and then send them to the media.

And suddenly, Four Seasons aren’t Enough

The fashion industry, despite being driven by creativity is very traditional in terms of business. It was therefore considered quite innovative when certain designers broke the rules and showcased their ranges between established seasons.

These were also known as Pre-collections. They were the ready-to wear selection of a designer prior to the introduction of more exclusive pieces.

Everyone joined the team once the concept worked. Now we have Pre-collections in May and July, ahead of the September SS fashion seasons. Then again in November/December to prepare for the AW range the next year. Those are the terms Resort, Cruise and Peak summer.

Surprisingly fashion brands often make more money from their Pre-collection because they are more visible in stores and more wearable than the items that will be featured in the big season.

The pre-seasons are therefore more accessible for people who don’t want to try to replicate the drama of the main collections.

Is the end of seasonality in fashion?

Travelling internationally has become more affordable in today’s world. This means that you can visit many places in one year. Therefore, clothing is more important than ever. You can see sleeveless in AW fashion, with its bright bursting colors, or a subdued appearance and jackets in SS.

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