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Glassboard Studio Discount Code & Promo Code

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Everything you must be aware of about glass whiteboards

Whiteboards have been through the ages since their first appearance in 1950s. They are now a common feature in every classroom, and also the majority of workplaces, offices and even home offices. Available in a variety of sizes and types in materials. Their purpose is the same: they’re a practical and sustainable educational tool, assisting to capture and analyze the latest ideas and concepts.

The most recent addition to the chain of products is this glass whiteboard. Modern and sleek in appearance and a very durable material, glass board are the crème de la whiteboards.

Here’s why:

What is a glass whiteboard?

Glass boards are made of toughened safety glass and backed with a steal backing for extra durability. Glass makes them more easy to clean than the previous versions, and eliminates the possibility of ghosting or staining.

Their sturdy materials ensure that no more warping, which is a thing from the future. It is no longer necessary to have an extra thick boarder, and the sleek glass board is a preferred choice for offices with high-end finishes, because it blends into the workspace, while providing a stylish appearance. You can also pick the color of the background. This makes glass writing boards more adaptable than traditional whiteboards. Since glass is transparent and transparent, the back must be the use of a color to make it legible which is why you can go to choose a colour that is compatible with the colour scheme or branding of your business.

The most common issues that do not affect glass whiteboards

Ghost resistant

As mentioned earlier the glass writing board does not stain or ghost. The process of staining or ghosting occurs because the ink of the marker gets into the surface of the board and there is no way that traditional cleaning methods will be able to eliminate the stain. Glass ensures that your board will always be the same as the first time you used it. Because it is non-porous, the ink won’t penetrate the surface.

The resistance to scratch:

If you purchase something that is new it is possible that scratches and dents could occur. Particularly, if it’s an item utilized as whiteboards. With any material scratching or dents will likely occur simply by knocking it on the surface. The writing surfaces made from glass are 4 times stronger than any other whiteboards on the market, which makes it virtually unbreakable!

Wear resistance:

Whiteboards are utilized day-in and out, so it’s normal that the surface wears down. Writing and wiping constantly using other whiteboard materials could cause the surface layer to begin being worn down, revealing the substratum layer underneath and making it hard to make use of effectively. Glass boards are, however are typically backed by the guarantee of lifetime, since they are made of toughened glass that is unable to tear down.

Tips for buying glass whiteboards

Cost: What is the amount you are willing to invest? Glass boards cost more than other alternatives, however they last longer. With a guarantee of lifetime that you will not have replacing it meaning it’s worth it.

Use: It’s best to buy only the very best when you plan to use it frequently. If you plan using your whiteboard for occasional purposes it could be too expensive. If, however, you’re intending to use it regularly, then it’s an excellent purchase.

Magnetic: A lot of glass writing boards come with a magnetic feature. If you select an iron-based whiteboard backing, as opposed to an aluminium backing , you can are able to use it as an magnetic surface. However, you’ll require super powerful magnets to make it effectively, and they cost a premium and you must ensure that you are making the most of it to reap the benefits.

Colour: As mentioned previously, you can select the color you prefer! Maybe you’re seeking a striking piece to hang on your wall board, or maybe you want to incorporate some branding to your work space. Whatever you choose, it’s possible.

It’s the perfect time to buy glasses

Glass boards are most innovative whiteboard designs and functionality. It’s an established fact that people perform better when they are in a space with visually attractive objects. The whiteboard is not any different. If you’re looking to create a positive workplace and learning space, and have the money to do it the same, you should consider an attractive glass whiteboard. If you need assistance in purchasing one take a look at TeacherBoards. If you’re looking to buy a white glass board, coloured glass or a glass magnetic board, we’re glad to assist.

We carry a selection of stunning glass boards with a range of sizes. They are made of toughened safety glass with magnetic surfaces at reasonable costs. A popular alternative to whiteboards glass boards are ideal for offices, schools at home, as well as other places. We have wall-mounted glass boards as well as mobile glass boards, along with the installation service, which is available upon the request of.

Glassboard Studio Coupons 2023

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