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Differences between auto glass types?

Windshield Auto Glass

The windshield is the most important type. It protects you from wind and rain while you drive. It can provide up to 30% roof support. Airbags on the passenger side often bounce off the windshield, before expanding to protect them. It can be tinted to enhance the visibility of the driver.

Front Door Auto Glass and Rear Door Glass

Tinting can make the front and rear doors glass look different. Georgia law prohibits tinting of the driver’s windows on the left and right. This is because it reduces light transmission to less than 32%, or increases light reflectance by more than 20%.

Back Glass / Auto Glass for Back Windows

Back Glass is subject to the same restrictions as windshield, front and back door auto glass regarding window tinting.

Vent Glass & Quarter Glass

Because they are different sizes depending upon the make and model of your vehicle, vent and quarter glass can be difficult to find.

Different types of glass for car windows

Two types of glass are most commonly used in the construction of cars.

Today’s vehicles are made of either laminated or tempered glass.

This is how they function:

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is used in most vehicles’ rear and door windows. Tempered auto glass is created by rapid heating and cooling. Tempered glass is broken into smaller pieces, which mimic the shape and size of pebbles when it breaks.

These pieces aren’t sharp and will not cause injury if they land on a person’s skin. It is impossible to repair tempered glass that has suffered a crack or chip from falling rocks. The entire glass must be replaced.

Tempered glass can also be used in other industries for products such as sunglasses, cell phone screens, casseroles, or baking dishes.

Laminated glass

Windshield glass can be made from laminated glass. This glass can be broken but it is strong enough to withstand extreme impacts without shattering. This prevents injuries from passengers or flying glass shards hitting the windshield.

In the 1920s, laminated glass was created. This is when two sheets of glass are joined together using a layer of polyvinyl butyral between them. The laminated process is completed after the layers have been fused together using high heat.

Laminate glass is also popular outside of the auto industry in storefront windows where it can be broken during a burglary.

Alternatives to Replacement Glass

You have two options when glass breaks on your car. The OEM glass is the most common, while the aftermarket glass is more popular.

This is what it means for you.

OEM Auto Glass

OEM is the most common form of car parts. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

This applies to glass. The replacement glass must be made by the same glass manufacturer as the original. This means that the replacement glass must be exactly the same as the original, down to the branding of the automaker.

Aftermarket Auto Glass

There are two possible sources for aftermarket auto glass. The first is when a company creates glass for specific vehicles.

Although the OEM makes the second type of aftermarket glass, it was made on a different production line.

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