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Why we eat the foods that we do

The world is full of food, and we live in it. You will be amazed at all the choices available in any grocery store aisle. What influences what foods we buy and eat? It”s not as easy as you might imagine.

We choose food for many reasons other than hunger. If eating were as easy as filling up a car with gas, there would be no obesity epidemic here in the United States. When choosing what to eat, we consider personal taste, cultural influences, emotional factors, health concerns, societal pressures and convenience.

The United States has one of the largest food supply in the world. Overeating can lead to obesity and other health issues. While many surveys indicate that Americans are more concerned about diet and health, the reality is that Americans are overweight and obese.

You may be able to make better food choices and control your eating habits if you know more about the factors that influence your choices. These are seven main factors that influence our food choices:

Taste Rules

We choose certain foods because they taste good. Blueberries are not an excellent source antioxidants; we eat them because it tastes good.

When we are born, our taste preferences are already there. Even babies have a preference for sweet and fatty foods. As we age, our taste buds develop an appreciation for different flavors. Studies have shown that children who are exposed early to many foods are more likely than adults to like different flavors.

It is possible to learn to enjoy healthier foods as an adult. It takes patience and time to learn how to appreciate the “taste of eating right.” It is also helpful to learn easy and healthy cooking techniques.

Favorite Foods

Ask any expert and they will tell you that the secret to weight loss is to eat your favorite foods. Let’s face the facts: we all grew-up with fond memories of foods that brought us joy.

My extended family used to take me every summer to Ocean City (N.J.) where we enjoyed the Copper Kettle Fudge. A bite of fudge is what brings me back to my childhood bliss. How can I give up fudge? I don’t. It is something I don’t eat very often, but it is a thought that would make me rethink my acceptable food choices.

It is human nature. Food obsessions can become denial. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a psychologist to see that obsession with food is bad for weight loss.

We understand that no one wants to have to give up their favourite foods. Weight Loss Clinic we are open to this idea. You need to eat your favorite foods. It”s up to you to make sure you don’t eat them too often or too much (except if they are low-calorie vegetables and fruits).

Eat with your eyes

It is not unusual to feel disconnected from your hunger centre and instead to “eat with your eyes.” Sometimes it’s all about the taste.

You wonder why they have dessert carts. People are usually full after eating, but if they see the tempting desserts, they will give in. It has nothing to do wth hunger or fullness.

Convenience and cost

Food choices can also be influenced by convenience and cost. For those with limited time to cook and shop, convenience is a key factor. However, fast food options like take-out and restaurants can quickly add up.

You can still stretch your food budget even if you are short on time. There are many quick-service restaurants that offer healthy soups, salads, and grilled chicken sandwiches.

Convenience foods can be found at most grocery stores. These allow you to make something “half-homemade” in 30 minutes or less.

Type of personality

Every person is unique and each of our approaches to change are different. WLC members like the ability to change food to suit changing needs and hunger. Some prefer a detailed list of foods that they should avoid or eat. Some people need to stick with the same course; if they have too many choices, they eat more.

Understanding your “diet personality”, will help you understand why you choose certain foods. You decide what approach is best for you to control how much food you eat.

Too many choices!

“Never go to buffet restaurants,” is my mantra. No matter what I do, I can’t resist the temptation to try “just one bite” of almost everything at the buffet. I end up eating far too many calories when I could have just had a soup or a salad.

Research suggests that we eat more when there is more variety. Consumption increases by 25% if there are more options. Contrary to this, monotonous meals are not conducive to overeating.

Perhaps it’s just curiosity. It may be a matter of curiosity, but limiting the number of dishes at each meal can help you avoid overeating.

Social Settings

We eat more when we are able to eat out and with others. According to some studies, the number of people at the dinner table has an effect on how much we eat.

You will also be more inclined to eat healthier when you eat with healthy friends and family. Do yourself a favor and surround yourself with healthy-minded people whenever possible.

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