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Get Fit Cardio Discount Code & Promo Code

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Best Home Gym Equipment:

Weightlifting equipment

Strength training doesn’t have to be reserved for Arnold Schwarzenegger or muscle heads. Lifting weights increases insulin resistance, improves immunity to injury and sickness, strengthens bones, and speeds up your metabolism. It doesn’t take an Olympic set to work out at the gym; you can do a great resistance workout at home with just a few pieces of equipment.


Weight bench

A solid bench can be used as a base for many exercises, from curls and rows to bench press to rowing. A versatile bench should be sturdy and large. If you can find one that has leg curl attachments, even better.


Make sure it is made from steel and strong enough to hold you and your weight. You don’t want to spend too much on a bench. A benchpress setup is one that holds the barbells in place. A bench with an adjustable back is a great option, as incline work targets different muscle groups, and it’s crucial for conditioning and strength.


Plates and barbells

A solid 45-pound barbell is essential if you plan to lift weights. These are the best for lifting heavy weights, and will be helpful throughout your weightlifting journey. The smaller bars will be more cost-effective if you start with the light bars and then move up to Olympic bars. You don’t have to lift 45-pound dumbbells.



Bands are great for beginning athletes to strengthen their muscles. They also work well for stretching and improving endurance. For stretching before and after a workout or for strengthening your muscles, lower resistance bands (between 2-5 and 25 pounds) are great. While heavier bands (25+ pounds) can be more effective and powerful, they can also be used to stretch.


You can perform a range of exercises, including tricep extensions, bench presses, rows, and more by simply attaching the bands to your weight bench. The most versatile piece of equipment in your home gym is the band.


Squat rack

Squats are a great exercise to get strong. Squats work your glutes, quads, and provide the best exercise value. Strong quads can make your entire body stronger, from your back and abs to help prevent injuries to your knees or lower back.


Calf press

Calf press machines are seated bench that has a bar that extends over your knees. They allow you to weight train directly on your calves, giving you the pump you desire. Calf press machines work with the Olympic plates that you already own. You can stack them on top to increase resistance and pressure. Regular use of one of these machines can help you increase your calf strength by overloading it.

Get Fit Cardio Coupons 2022

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