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Why Pick a Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer?

With numerous hand-sanitizing products in the Market, Why would construction care choose a nonalcoholic hand sanitizer rather than a person containing alcohol as the active germ-fighting component?

Sometimes, a nonalcoholic hand sanitizer is preferred because of Health, safety, or building security issues. In other scenarios, it might be because having an alcohol-based hand sanitizer previously had been causing skin irritation.

Alcohol-free hand sanitizers provide Immediate germ-killing Energy, are approved from the CDC as opposed to alcohol hand sanitizers, and also, therefore, are safer options to alcohol-based formulations in many of ways:

Ingestion of alcohol-based hand sanitizers will present a Serious danger and maybe even alcohol poisoning, especially in young kids.

Alcohol-based formulations are sterile, which may Compromise a building’s security should they fall into the wrong hands.

If regular hand sanitizing is demanded, repeated usage of an Alcohol-based hand sanitizer can irritate skin and strip off natural and protective oils necessary for healthy skin maintenance.

What’s the Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer?

Rather than using alcohol, that may be harsh in your skin and also may Be sterile, an alcohol-free hand sanitizer utilizes a unique active ingredient to destroy germs. Health-Guard Foaming No Smoking Hand Sanitizer utilizes Benzalkonium Chloride as an active ingredient.

Germ-killing Differences: Alcohol vs. Non-Alcohol H Sanitizer

Typically, the germ-killing gap between alcohol And right-hand sanitizers is dependent upon the proportion of the alcohol within the formulation. For example, Health Guard® 70 percent Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel eliminates 99.999% of most common germs in 15 minutes whereas Health-Guard Foaming No Medication Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99percent at precisely the exact same timeframe. An individual could argue that this is a really minor tradeoff compared to the benefits an alcohol-free solution supplies to building upkeep.

As an additional comparison, Health-Guard Foaming 62 percent Alcohol Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of most common germs in 15 seconds, and it can be akin to this Health-Guard Foaming No Medication Hand Sanitizer.

  • Advantages of nonalcoholic hand sanitizer:
  • Secure, weatherproof formula
  • Prevents alcohol consumption/poisoning
  • Don’t dry skin such as alcohol-based sanitizers
  • Kills 99.99% of common germs in 15 minutes
  • No water required; rub and let dry

As an additional benefit, most especially for restaurants and meals Service places, Health-Guard Foaming No Smoking Hand Sanitizer is NSF E3-rated for sanitizing hands between hands guards in both meals and non-food areas. Have budgetary concerns? Health-Guard Foaming No Smoking Plate Sanitizer is cheaper than alcohol-based merchandise. Moreover, research Reveal people favor a foaming product above a gel or liquid.

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