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GeekVape Discount Code January 2019

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A New Alternative

As a semi-automatic toaster, it’s becoming more difficult to enjoy A cigarette wherever and whenever I need as more places are banning them every day.

I have been on the Lookout for an alternative That Will Enable me to Get the full enjoyment that traditional cigs offer but without the health risks and dangers which are inherent to them.

What’s Vaping?

Vaping (or e-cigs, ecigs, vape pens, and vape mods) are apparatus That are used to vape juices and they don’t include any tobacco,.

These vape products do contain is liquid smoking. The Nicotine solution is heated up using a battery or heating component and this process produces a vapor which you inhale just like a normal cigarette.

Whatever You Need To Know About Electronic Cigarettes

Regardless of what you call them, the sale and ingestion Of electronic cigarette or e-cigarettes are big business in America, and it is only getting larger.

Option to this cancer-causing combustible cigarette the US has worked hard to eradicate over the span of many decades. For many others, they’re a nuisance and public health threat which should carry the exact same amount of contempt as regular cigarettes.
What’s in an Ecig?

Even the US market saw the debut of e-cigarettes in 2007.

Those early products mainly consisted of battery operated, Look-alike versions of the actual thing. These first e-devices were also disposable — great for a specific number of puffs — also arrived in a number of varying flavors.

Beyond this, the only real difference between the E-cigarettes along with the manual version was the latter process needing a lighter to ignite it.


The most common type of e-cigarette continues to be the Variant originally introduced in 2007. These most closely resemble a traditional cigarette and come in disposable form or a rechargeable version which uses a wall outlet or USB port.

Vape Systems

These larger devices, also called tank systems, carry small Resemblance to a conventional cigarette. Vape systems may be simple or very elaborate, and all require a reservoir that contains an e-liquid or”e-juice,” which is the mix that’s being vaped.


With few exceptions, most all”e-versions” of cigarettes (that Contains both e-cigarettes and vape tank systems) include nicotine. Though by itself its comparatively harmless, its addictive attributes can be a powerful lure for many men and women.

Standard smoking comes in 2 flavors, menthol, and non-menthol. With e-cigarettes there are scores and scores of vape juice flavors.

  • Vanilla
  •  Strawberry
  •  Pink lemonade
  •  Red Bull
  •  Coffee

Are E-cigarettes Safe?

Vaping one’s favorite taste aside, the largest area of Debate surrounding vaping and e-cigarettes issue health and security.

Even though e-cigarettes don’t contain nearly the Amount of Ingredients of their combustible cousins, there’s a lot of debate as to the Health risks once the liquids in an e-cigarette are heated and inhaled.

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