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GearBunch Discount Code January & February 2019

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Many types of Leggings for Both Men and Women:


Leggings are reduced body raiment. All these are skin-tight, flexible waistband two distinct clothes. Normally leggings made of Lycra, spandex, cotton, silk, cotton, cotton, wool or other fabrics. Leggings may wear with ages’ people.

1. Ankle-Length Leggings:

Ankle-length leggings wear over. All these are more popular during the winter. They are sometimes worn with skirts, dresses, tunics, tees, and tanks etc..

2. Mid-Calf Length or Capri-Length Leggings:

Mid-calf span leggings are rather popular with people. All these are fall involving the knees and the knees.

3. Knee-Length Leggings:

These are beginning to just under the knees. Knee-length leggings are fantastic for dancing, yoga, exercising or jogging.

4. Stirrup Leggings:

Stirrup leggings characteristic has a connected strap which goes beneath the foot and also come into the ankle.

5. Footed Leggings:

Footed leggings are ideal winter wear that is very similar to tights. Women are able to worn lace leggings with extended pea jacket or vest that is patterned.

6. Jeggings:

Jeggings are leggings which are almost much like jeans in appearance with false pockets and stitches. Jeggings resemble skinny jeans.

7. Leather Leggings:

Which leggings produced by leather it is known as leather leggings. Virtually its looks just like thick shiny. It may be worn with coat, tank-top, denim top etc..

8. Disco Leggings:

Disco leggings are fantastic for producing casual appearance and also make folks more glamorous. Disco leggings colors are back, silver, red, golden navy, pink, pink, wine, and purple.

9. Sequin or even Shiny Leggings:

Shiny leggings are a mix of nylon and spandex. Most frequent colors are black, white, gold or silver. Shiny leggings are popular for golf wear, party wear, and regular wear too.

10. Colored Leggings:

Which leggings are created by different colors it is known as colored leggings.

There Are Various Sorts of colored leggings:

  • Colored Capri leggings
  • Colored maternity leggings
  • Colored exercise leggings

11. Men’s Leggings:

Leggings are just for girls but now’s in our trend world men’s are sporting tight leggings. It is ideal for jogging, exercising, swimming and assorted activity.

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