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Healthy Popcorn Recipes:

Crunchy, buttery, full of carbohydrates… Pop Corn is the ultimate Happy food. No, indeed –studies have shown that the serotonin found from the fermented grain may have relaxing, mood-lifting outcomes. No wonder it’s such a popular party appetizer, late-night snack, and most importantly, the ultimate companion for movie nights. But as healthy as peppermint can be on a unique, concession stands and prepackaged varieties usually function it saturated in salt and butter–or much worse, artificially flavored goop masquerading like butter.

We’ve found high recipes that pump upward Pop Corn’s nutritional profile. Made out of a dab of butter, topped with cinnamon, or mixed into a sweet and salty combo, there exists a tasty solution for each craving. Bonus: We’re pairing each variant using our recommendation to get a film to see combined while you munch.


1. Apple Pie Popcorn

Out of apples? Inept at utilizing a toaster? No stresses; you can Have all the tastes of this traditional baked treat–only pack it into a heap of popcorn rather than piling it in a crust. Together with cinnamon, apple pie spice, and vanilla, the recipe maintains all the flavors of this initial, while a touch of stevia keeps it sugarfree. Better yet, once your popcorn is popped, the whole thing takes less than 30 seconds to assemble, making it easy.

2. Chocolate and Coconut Popcorn:

Coconut flakes get trapped from the oven prior to connecting a Generous pile of curry chocolate chips and stevia-sweetened, freshly popped corn. In case a macaroon and a chocolate chip cookie had a health-conscious baby, we bet it would taste something like the flavors here

3. Pump-Kin Pop Corn:

Unlike many Pumpkin-spice bites, which often rely on Artificial flavorings, these morsels call for only two tablespoons of sweet sweetener and a spoonful of real, canned pumpkin. A seasonal treat that fills up you, this popcorn scores some serious points

4. Healthy Salted Caramel Popcorn

With three Whole Food components, caramel popcorn just Does not receive any easier (or healthy ) than that. In the place of a mound of sugar dissolved into saccharine syrup, then this blogger cuts the sweetness by using maple syrup as an alternative.

5. Salted Chocolate Caramel Popcorn

The ideal chocolate sauce is a bit of an endeavor, but It’s completely worth it for this particular cure. Drizzle melted chocolate over popcorn, eat and repeat. Choose bittersweet chips, composed of 60 percent cacao for very low sugar content.

6. Mint Chocolate Chip Glazed Popcorn

The Mint-chocolate combination tastes great with fairly much anything, so why don’t you take to it with popcorn? Make a glaze with either honey or maple syrup and just some mint extract to stop from going into toothpaste land. The result is a magical shell-like coat that offers the popcorn an even more satisfying crunch than usual.

7. Caramel-apple Pop Corn

Ever wished to own the tastes at once–and also be healthy? Well, this recipe has your back. Salty popcorn joins apples and cinnamon, adding a little bit of richness and also a much larger punch of those tastes of collapse to the mix. This recipe cries in dried apples, and that means you have plenty of crunchy snacks to munch at once.

8. Vanilla Almond Popcorn

Dates, almonds, and coconut oil are all puréed into a wealthy blend That has poured across the popped kernels to build a sauce you’ll want to own on hand for most prospective desserts. When you’ve never tried smoothie sauce, then prepare to get your mind at how much the dried fruit tastes like caramel.

9. Mexican Churro Pop Corn

Concession Stand staple meets carnival confection to get an Exceptionally simple-to-make hybrid vehicle of flavors. Better yet, there’s no deep-frying. Only melt cinnamon chips over the popped corn and then sprinkle on a good dusting of sugar, plus extra cinnamon. Stir with a Plate of the and a cup of warm cocoa for the perfect sweet treat

10. Lemony Kale Popcorn

Kale has long surpassed spinach as the preferred leafy Green, but we get it with demanding leaves and a somewhat bitter taste, but it might be tough to swallow. Ensure it is tempting by squeezing it up with a blend of sea Salt, and grape-seed oil. Subsequently, throw everything with a whole lot of popcorn.

Cracker Jack Caramel Coated Popcorn:

images (25)

I’ve been snacking on Cracker Jacks ever before since I was just a child, as much back as I could bear in mind. Now I have 2 growing boys that reach take pleasure in chomping on one of America’s all-time preferred snacks. Basically, it’s caramel-covered popcorn as well as peanuts. Directly, I appreciate caramel, nuts, and also snacks, so this is right up my street. It’s a nice blend of wonderful and salty flavors. And also you obtain a good crispy bite as the flavors load your mouth.

New And Improved Cracker Jack Flavors:
Presently owned and also produced by Frito-Lay, this sugar popcorn joy has beautified us for over a century. Ultimately, in a party of 120 years of existence, two new tastes were introduced and launched in 2013 …

They’ve likewise added extra peanuts to the original taste. Heck Yeah! The only drawback is that the peanuts are normally found at the base of the box or bag. Oh well, something to look ahead to I guess. The Butter Toffee taste is respectable. It has that smooth and subtly pleasant, buttered candy taste. And also includes a great crunch. It doesn’t leave a long enduring powerful aftertaste sticking around in your mouth as some sweet popcorn does. The majority of people that I’ve spoken with seem to really enjoy this flavor as well.

Ready-To-Eat Prepackaged Popcorn:
Packaged popcorn treats are usually already stood out, flavored as well as easily packaged in bags, boxes or can, and also all set to chew on.

The great feature of pre-popped popcorn is that it’s just a grab as well as go snack. There’s no hassling over the range, playing the waiting video game with a microwave, neither finicking with standing out machine.

Although not required, there are a few brand names that can be a little bit preferable with a fast warm-up in the microwave. Naturally, this is only optional inning in accordance with your preference and desired taste.

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