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E-bikes are the most popular new addition to the cycling industry in recent years. You should try one if you haven’t. This applies to urban commuter and avid mountain biker . We love riding our mountain bikes and taking them out to new places for some shredding. But electric-assist mountain biking is something we cannot deny. This is why the bike’s name says “assist”. These bikes don’t pedal by themselves, but they give back what you put into them by giving your legs a little more power. This little extra power can make a huge difference in many situations and will change the way you ride. It’s not better or worse than the old way, but it is different. That’s a wonderful thing. There’s no better time to test an emountain bike than now. Here are ten reasons.


An electric-assist mountainbike is a great choice. An electric-assist mountain bike can be used at faster speeds and requires less energy than a regular mountain bicycle. One of the best aspects of riding a bike is the feeling of speed. You’ll be amazed at the speed you can achieve on an emountain bicycle.


We’ve all been there. A group ride is set up and the xc racer starts dropping everyone on the first climb, even though it’s meant to be a friendly ride. You might see the world from the other perspective and find yourself riding away from your friends who are struggling to keep up. Electric-assist bikes are a great option for riding groups because they allow riders with different fitness levels to ride together and give everyone a good workout.


You can cover more terrain with a shorter time if you have greater speed. Let’s suppose you have a one hour ride on Saturday. You could cover about 10 miles on your regular mountain bike, but you would be able to ride around 12-15 miles on your ebike. This is for the times you have several hours to explore your favorite trail system. Consider all the trails that you could take. You will have more fun if you have more trails.


An e-mountain bicycle’s greatest benefit is its increased range. You can cover more distance in a shorter time than if you use a standard bike. The electric motor can also help you cover more distance in a shorter time. Instead of wasting energy trying to finish your ride by a certain time, you can conserve energy and feel fresh for your next ride.


An e-mountain bicycle will weigh slightly more than a comparable standard mountain bike. The majority of e-mountain bike models have mid-drive electric motors located in the bottom bracket. Batteries are usually located along the downtube. An e-mountain bicycle may weigh more than a regular bike but it is lighter and has a lower center of gravity. This gives the bike a lot of stability especially when you are descending. It makes it easy to handle and very predictable.


An electric-assist motor gives you more power than a standard mountain bike. It’s not just for speeding up flat trails or climbing smoother. The extra power you get from an electric-assist motor will allow you to clear more technical obstacles than you could on a regular mountain bike. Although it’s not a miracle carpet that can propel you up every rock and rut on the trail it can make a difference between hiking or clearing it.


An e-mountain bicycle will weigh more than a regular mountain bike, all other things being equal. The electric motor will reduce the weight of your e-mountain bike, so you can climb faster than ever. Many riders enjoy the lightness and ease of riding a lightweight bike for descents. That’s great. The truth is that the e-mountainbike will be slightly less maneuverable when you are ripping down your favorite trails. It doesn’t make the ride any less enjoyable, but it does make it more fun. This gives riders the chance to change their handling style, shift their body positioning and view certain lines differently. This will improve their bike handling skills and make it easier to descend on any bike they ride, electric or not.


You’ll soon realize how much fun it is to ride an e-mountainbike. You can transform your existing routes into something new with increased speed, range, and the ability of clearing more obstacles. Although we love riding different types of bikes, it can be boring to ride the same trails every day. An e-mountain bicycle will change the way you view every trail, whether it’s speeding up climbs, adding singletrack or clearing out gnarly rock gardens.


Trail riding is, let’s face it, the best. However, there are other types of pedaling that can be enjoyable. Any type of bicycle can benefit from an electric-assist engine. This makes it much easier to get to work and run errands faster. If you are planning to bike an all-day adventure route or do some bikepacking, it will help you carry the extra gear.


We see people grin from ear to ear every time they try an emountain bike. They’re simple and fun. Do you remember that childhood rush of speed and thrill when you first learned to balance on two wheels? It’s the same feeling, but it’s even better.

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