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Guide to Trail Cameras:

Non-cellular trail cameras capture a picture of any object that moves in front. After the image is taken, it is saved to an SD Card, which can be retrieved later to view the images. Some models can even record short video clips to allow you to see how deer move around an area. Non-cellular game cameras can be affordable but you will need to physically visit the area where the camera mounts to retrieve the SD cards and view the images.

Cellular trail cameras are similar to other game cameras in that they capture an image each time the sensor detects movement. A cellular camera can upload images to the internet via cellular networks. You can even change the settings of some models from your smartphone anywhere in the world. Cellular cameras are great for busy hunters and those who need to monitor their property constantly.


Image and Video Quality

A game camera’s primary purpose is to capture images of wildlife and intruders. You will want the best quality image possible. The MP is the measure of image quality. It’s tempting to pick a camera with the most megapixels, but this is not necessary if you are looking to capture wildlife photography. For most home security or scouting purposes, a moderately high megapixel rating will suffice. Some trail cameras can record video, which allows you to get a better understanding of the behavior of deer. The higher resolution will make the video more clear and sharper, just like images. HD is any video resolution above 1080p. This is great for hunters who want to see deer moving through an area.


Recovery Time & Speed of Triggering

When choosing a trail camera, you should also consider the trigger speed and recovery times. The camera’s trigger speed is the time it takes to capture a photo after it detects movement. A faster trigger speed will capture a full shot of a moving deer. High-end game cameras typically have a trigger speed of half a second or less. However, a slower trigger speed is fine for food plots and other areas where deer tend to linger.

The camera’s recovery time is the time it takes to take another image. Although most cameras have the ability to adjust the delay, the recovery period determines how quickly your camera can take a new image at its highest settings. The recovery time can differ between prices, much like the trigger speed. For areas where deer pass through in groups of four or more, a shorter recovery time is ideal. However, longer recovery times can be acceptable for monitoring food plots.


Flash Types

Next, consider the flash type of the trail camera. This determines the quality and visibility of the images captured. Trail cameras function in the same way as other types of cameras. They use a flash bulb to reflect light from an object to capture clear images. There are three types available for game cameras: infrared flash (white flash), black flash (black flash), and each one is suitable for a specific purpose. It is crucial that your camera has the correct flash type for the area you are trying to photograph, especially if you are hunting for deer in the vicinity of your favorite hunting spots.



White Flash

White flash game cameras use bright lights to capture images much like traditional cameras. Although this flash can take full-color photos at night with its bright light, it can also scare deer and cause them flee. White flash cameras are great for wildlife photography. They can take colored photos at any time of the day. If you plan to use your flash camera for surveillance or hunting, it is a good idea to select a different type of flash. The bright light will be able to alert wildlife and other intruders.


IR Flash

The trail camera uses infrared light for photos. Although images taken at night are black and white, flashes from the camera are much less visible than white flash cameras. Because they are less likely to alert wildlife, IR trail cameras can be a great option for hunters. IR cameras can activate several red lights to take a photo. Deer will likely mistake the cameras for predator’s eyes if they look directly into them. You can avoid this by hiding your camera from animals’ direct view or by moving further away from them. This makes them an excellent choice for food plots or other areas where the camera can be hidden without compromising their view.

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