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Five reasons e-bikes can be used by children

E-biking adults have become a part of society’s great tapestry. They are a common feature in beautiful mountain scenery, as well as in cities and towns. The brilliance and fun of e-bikes doesn’t just belong to adults. Children can also enjoy the thrill. Are you a bike-mad kid? That’s great! We understand that this isn’t always possible. This is where e-bikes come in. E-bikes open up a whole new world of leisure for all members of the family. Continue reading to learn more about why an ebike is a great option for your child.

1. A child-specific electric bike

A suitable ebike is essential for a successful ebike adventure with your child. A child-specific ebike will give them the confidence and skills to control the bike. The motor is one of the many elements of an e-bike that must be child-specific. What does a child-specific motor actually look like?

  • Lightweight The drive unit (motor and battery) must be as small and light as possible to ensure that your child can control the bike in all situations. This is especially important for young or small children.
  • Sensitivity: Children don’t have as much leg strength as adults. To respond to children’s pedal strokes, the motor must be tuned for finer sensitivity.
  • It’s easy: The motor’s power output must be balanced and moderate so that it doesn’t overpower your child or catch them by surprise. The motor on the woom UP is designed to provide a gentle, balanced 55 Newton meter torque that’s ideal for children.

Two things are crucial when it comes to safety:

  • First, the motor must be below a certain speed.
  • A second essential feature is the efficient and powerful disc brakes. Your child will go further and faster on an e-bike.

2.) Higher, further!

Imagine you’ve planned a family bike ride. The route has a lot of variety and you have all agreed on the destination. Nice! But it’s not going according to plan. Your child may underestimate the difficulty of one of the climbs. The steep gradients can make it difficult for them to stay motivated. They scream: “I can’t do it!” It’s just too difficult! It hurts!” You realize that it was difficult for your child’s abilities and fitness. It was a shame, because it was perfect!
It can be difficult to design a tour that is child-friendly, especially in mountainous or hilly areas where there is a lot of climbing. E-bikes are a solution to this problem.

E-bikes are great for long rides, biking holidays, and just everyday use.

  • Your child can conquer mountain stages, and even climbs to become an enjoyable activity! Advanced skills allow children to ride uphill on their ebikes. The landscape changes dramatically once you get high up, providing breathtaking views of the valleys, lakes, and other peaks. Once you’re back on the bikes, it’s all about having fun. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the downhills are all about flow and having fun.
  • You’ll have more fun and progress. Imagine all the amazing destinations now within reach of all day weekend rides.
  • Bike holidays emphasize exploration, all day every day. Exercising is passé. Your child will be able to discover new landscapes and locations, including breathtaking high Alpine environments.
  • E-bikes can be used in the countryside or in towns to get around difficult or long distances. E-bikes offer a cheaper, greener and more efficient alternative to driving.

3. Shared adventures

Nothing beats riding with your children, especially if you are a parent. However, if they are on a traditional pedal bike, it is likely that their physical abilities may be limited. This is especially true if they are off-road. E-bikes can help to level the playing field and allow for everyone to enjoy the same adventure. Imagine how difficult it would be for a child to keep up with their parents on an e-bike.

Speaking of adventure, is your child a fan of shredding trails and adventures? You will likely have spent many hours waiting for gondolas at bike parks if that is the case. Perhaps you had to drag your child up the mountain on their bike. Imagine how an e-bike would make this work. Your child can take on every uphill and have their own knobbly tires, before descending to a cool, smile-inducing descent.

4. A healthy and fit hobby

Regular outdoor activity is beneficial for your child’s health and development. Some kids enjoy sports more than others, and not all children are the same. The television, tablet, and games consoles are the main rivals when it comes time to enjoy the outdoors with children. Unfortunately, not all children will choose bikes because of the many screens competing for their attention. You need something exciting to do instead of sitting in front a screen. E-bikes are the solution. We can guarantee that your child won’t be swayed by any persuasive tactics. Even if they aren’t very fit, an ebike will appeal to them. Their fitness will increase with each pedal stroke. They will also burn calories and have a lot of fun. Mountain biking could become a family favorite pastime once they have discovered their passion.

5. More flexibility

E-bikes offer a major advantage in terms of speed, or the reduced ride time. E-bikes are faster than traditional bikes, so you can pick the time that suits you best. You can go on a sunset patrol in the early evening to avoid the heat of summer’s midday.

Have you ever noticed the large crowds that descend upon the beauty spots during high season? With an ebike, you have the freedom to choose whether or not your child rides with you. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of a mountaintop, while still catching the last rays of sun.

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