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Fin Fun Mermaid Discount Code & Coupons

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Different Types Of Mermaids:

Through the years, there has been an existence of mermaids. It May have been fairytales, folklore, art, or real-life reports, but it’s undeniable that they have played a part in history. They have not always had the same reputation. Some were represented as omens of bad and seduction, although others are good fertility or luck. Each differs in unique ways, exactly like you. Continue reading if you want to know different kinds of mermaids, and which one you relate too!


Sirens have the largest reputation of being mischievous, or Deadly with death sailors throughout the world. They could create a storm, fog, premature death, read minds and wreak havoc in their pleasure. They have the ability to be demi-polupitisy, meaning, they can talk and have transparent voices in which to sing. The early spelling of Siren is”Seirén” significance” the ones that tie or grab” referring to their enchanting songs.

The Sirens in Greek Musicians were women with an individual lower However, at a certain point, they dropped the feathers at a singing competition with all the Muses and were not able to fly. They died or turned to mermaids depending on which legend you browse. Sirens are sore losers so they may be taking out their anger for tripping on people.


A Water Nymph may either be a spirit living around water, or even an “organic” goddess which is a category of poor female divinities. They aren’t thought to be immortal but can endure for a very long time. There are different types of water nymphs that are distinguished by the nature around them. They’re knowns for taking good care of their existing bodies of water, and also temperament they are connected to. They do so by growing plants or blessing a nearby city with sterile water. The various Water Nymphs comprise:

  • Nereides — Protector of the sea
  • Naiades — Protector of new water
  • Oceanids — Protector of those deep seas

Nereids are mostly located at the Mediterranean sea and tend To hide in deep darkened spaces within the earth. They are a few of the most beautiful animals in life and can have either legs or tails depending upon the body of water.

Their personalities are friendly and will help sailors in Times of demand. They adore children and often give birth to influential heirs such as Achilles. It is possible to find them hanging around the God Poseidon will often struggle with each other to get the chance to carry his trident.

Naiades are found in most fresh bodies of water like rivers, springs, wells, as well as fountains. They are, for the most part, nice and nurturing spirits to people and the water in which they protect. Normally, these freshwater resources are the major life-giving current to which neighboring cultures are constructed. Offerings will sometimes be made to keep the Naiade in a good mood, so the oceans will continually be blessed.

If you swim in a place shielded by a Naiade, then you can Absorb some of her magical qualities. These waters have frequently been known to cure the sick, inspire wolves, and bring fertility to girls and plants.

They are widely known for their beauty with flowing long Hair and frequently roam around without clothes on top both men and Gods falling to love together. If she’s triggered or a dramatic romance occurs, this is reflected in the oceans. She is able to alter the quality of water making it undrinkable if she is irritated.

Naiades can live so long as their entire body of water stays strong. If the water runs low, their strength slips away and could eventually perish.

Photo from Matthew Addison

An Oceanid is a water nymph that resides in the water of the ocean. There are far more Oceanid than any other mermaid inhabitants. Significant water Goddesses like Metis, that was Zeus’ first wife, whom he afterward impregnated with Athena. Other important Oceanid Demigods are both Amphitrite and Doris.

Their main role is to protect the deep seas and serve as Wives and fans into the Gods. They see over their children who later become Gods themselves. Because of their compassion, many sailors dedicate prayers and Sacrifices to the Oceanids in order to get protection against the deadly sea storms.

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