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10 Benefits of semi-permanent tattoos

Tattoos are no longer an unusual art. It is easy to find tattooed individuals near your area. The craze for this kind of art has increased across the globe in the past couple of decades. Tattoos are temporary as well as permanent. However, temporary tattoos don’t remain on the body for an amount of time.

While permanent tattoos remain for the rest of your time on your body. Most individuals prefer permanent tattoos. However, there are a lot of who would rather have tattoos that are temporary to their body.

1.) Transparency and Safety

Inkbox lets you are aware of what you’re receiving. Ink that we use is natural and suitable for skin. In actual fact it’s been reported that less than 0.03 percent of our customers have had an adverse reaction to our ink, which means chances are to your advantage. We’re an open book therefore, you’re able to look through our entire ingredient list if would like!

2) Pain-Free

Permanent tattoos can be a hassle to obtain, literally. But our designs? Painless. Anyone who believed “no pain gains” has never used the inbox.

3) You Can Change Your Mind

One of the best features of semi-permanent tattoos is their appearance. They look real, yet they won’t last for a long time. The choice of a design you would like to tattoo to your skin a major choice. There’s always the possibility that the design you select at a certain time in your life may cause you to groan at a different moment later. However, what if you choose a design lasting two weeks? It’s all fun and relaxation! Self-expression is a big part of our lives, therefore, if your style or interests alter, so will your tattoos. If you’re looking to test something different, semi-permanent tattoos offer an opportunity to express yourself.

4) Test-Run a Permanent Tat

Semi-permanent tattoos can be a great method to test designs you’d like for your entire body but aren’t certain. Choose any of the designs we offer or utilize our ink-free hand to draw your design and test how it looks and feels for two weeks. When you’re sure that this is the perfect design you’re looking for, you can make sure to get it inked permanently onto your body.

5.) Up Your Accessory Game

Semi-permanent tattoos can be a great option to add visual appeal to any outfit. You can swap an eye-catching necklace for a bold tattoo, or swap the bangles in a sleeve with a collection of artwork. A chunky necklace can be heavy during the course of a long day or your collection of bracelets could cause a lot of sound in a quiet cinema semi-permanent tattoos are an indestructible, silent method to enhance your style.

6) Indulge in the Holiday Spirit

From Thanksgiving and Halloween to Valentine’s Day and the 4 of July, there’s plenty to celebrate throughout the year. While some may limit their decorations for the holidays to their offices and homes but you can show off your holiday spirit with festive tattoos. Since our tattoos last between 8 and 18 days, they’re the ideal method to spread joy in the lead-up to a special occasion.

7) Help to build team strength

Inking a couple together can be an amazing bonding experience. From reunions with family members and birthday celebrations to weddings and fundraising events semi-permanent tattoos offer an enjoyable, unforgettable moment that brings people together.

8.) Promote a Cause

Our tattoos are a way to help the cause we believe in, or to apply freehand ink to anything from drawing the Kickstarter hyperlink on the arm, or drawing people’s eyes at the cause you believe is worthy of more funding. Tattoos are an expression of expression for you but they also can spark conversations and can be a catalyst for change that goes beyond a one person who has a tattoo.

9) Keep wandering children and Senior Citizens secure

Inking emergency contact information on a child’s body or loved one who is suffering from dementia, using our inks that are freehand semi-permanent tattoos move away from fun zones to life-saving one. The perfect gift for your child who is always wandering prior to a major field trip or trip for a trip to Disney World, or for parents suffering from dementia.

10.) Keep medical information in your purse

Semi-permanent tattoos are an excellent option to let emergency responders are aware of your blood type, allergies and the fact that you’re diabetic, or other vital medical information. The ink we provide is freehand and can assist you in ensuring that your daughter or son’s allergies are noted by an EMT or you health issues will be taken care of should you be involved in an auto or bike accident. It’s perfect if you’re always looking to find the Road ID or you don’t want to wear cumbersome Medical ID bracelets.

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