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Times are tough for many at the moment, with the rising cost of living stretching household budgets to breaking point. It makes sense that savvy shoppers are saving cash on their purchases by using Discount Codes.

Yet a minority of shoppers are taking this money-saving philosophy to the extreme – often getting whole trolleys full of goods for just a few pounds.

These ‘extreme couponers’ are the subject of the current US documentary series that is getting the whole country talking. The programme shows a group of shoppers who will go to extraordinary lengths for a discount.

During one episode a woman was shown climbing into a rubbish bin to retrieve old newspapers for coupons. Any onlooker may assume she’s a homeless person but they’d be wrong. In actual fact, the same woman has a second bedroom in her home that is full of all her extreme couponing deals; including 480 razors (worth over $4,000) and 45 bottles of washing up liquid.

Although everyone loves a bargain, it’s hard to imagine extreme couponing catching on in the UK and Ireland in the same way. The US programme shows a woman splitting her food shopping into 18 different transactions in order to get $600 worth for just $6, which would surely raise an eyebrow in your local supermarket.

Yet there are ways of benefiting from great Discount Codes in the UK. While Extreme Couponing shows shoppers spending hours clipping coupons out of newspapers or magazines, or trawling internet sites for printable vouchers, there’s a much easier way.

5hop5.co.uk brings all the best deals, discount codes and promotional offers together in one place, making finding the Discount Code that you need quick and easy.

While extreme couponers in the US can no doubt make great savings on their purchases, you have to weigh up whether the extreme lengths in terms of time, effort and organization that they go to in order to get their bargains are really worth it.

Tiffany Ivanovsky is shown in the programme bagging over $1000 of goods at a supermarket for just $43.92, and describes her extreme couponing habit as “a great part-time job.”

However, when speaking to msnbc.com it’s revealed that Tiffany actually already has a full-time job, as well as seven children who she bribes to cut out coupons for her.

The extreme couponers on the show have also been criticised for stockpiling items, which many are calling extreme greed. Garages, cars and spare rooms are crammed with mountains of toilet paper, crates of shampoo, and stacks of canned foods, leading viewers to question how one family can need so much.

Tiffany admits that this is one of the downsides to extreme couponing, saying that she sometimes feels that the walls are closing in on her. She also says that her children call their home a mini-mart because “you’re going to find all kinds of groceries all over the entire house.”

Some of the families shown on the programme have also come under fire for their apparently unhealthy diets, as their shopping trolleys are shown piled high with bags of crisps and jars of peanut butter. The fact that several of them appear to be overweight is adding fuel to the critics’ fire.

Extreme Couponing has also been criticized by the NY Times’ review as a pursuit of the middle classes. These couponers need the luxury of time to dedicate to their pursuit, which a person working long hours to make ends meet is unlikely to have. They also need the storage space to keep their mass bulk buys.

Many extreme couponers even pay coupon clipping services for their vouchers, something that a genuinely in need person would never dream of doing.

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Of course, you don’t need to be desperately poor to benefit from vouchers or promotional deals. With the economy as it is, most families could do with saving cash, and why pay more if you don’t have to?

When you use a deals website such as 5hop5.co.uk you can find amazing discount codes all in one place, so there’s no need to spend hours trawling the internet.

You can enjoy great discounts on the items that you actually need and want, without having to stockpile, carry out complicated transactions, or pay for the privilege.

While extreme couponing may seem like a great way to save cash, the downsides can also be extreme. With a simple shopping deals website you get all the benefits of couponing but without the time-consuming hassle involved.

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