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The Sustainable Future is Seasonless Fashion

Fashion has always had seasons. In the beginning, brands created two collections for spring/summer or fall/winter. Then it evolved into four seasonal collections and multiple deliveries throughout the season. Now, with fast fashion, new collections are available every week. For the sake of the planet and the workers of the garment industry, the clothing industry must slow down. But instead of reverting to just 4 or 2 seasons, why not abandon the seasonal collections?

Garments that are well-designed

How much effort and time can you devote to each design if you need to create 30-100 new designs per 3 months? Designers can fully explore and test new styles by having seasonless collections. As an assistant designer, I had to work with several fashion brands and was often asked to include styles that were not completely satisfied. This was because there was a limited number of pieces to do and a deadline. Due to tight deadlines, some brands end up having to rush styles so they don’t have enough time to do proper fittings.

MATTER’s work jumpsuit’ (pictured) took 15 months to create, test, fit and develop the final pattern. It would have been impossible to put this much effort and attention into one style if they didn’t have a seasonless model.

Designers can also create pieces that match their best-selling styles. Designers don’t have to create a completely new collection. Instead, they can enhance the existing collection by creating new bottoms that match the most popular tops and layering pieces that go with the most-sold dresses. Instead of creating a new collection every season, brands can focus on making a more versatile and useful collection.

There is less pressure on factories

Another benefit is the fact that factories can produce consistent and paced goods. Factories are often very busy with a lot of pressure and overtime to make sure all garments are ready for season. Then there’s quiet periods before production picks up again. Manufacturing outside of the seasonal rollercoaster would be less stressful for workers and provide steady, permanent employment. Currently, some factories only hire temporary staff during busy periods.

This gives brands the opportunity to collaborate with artisans and craftpeople. Traditional techniques such as Ikat dyeing and block printing, along with hand-weaving, take longer than fast fashion’s short turnaround. We are losing many of these traditional textile arts and cultural techniques due to current industry demands. Fashion should be slowing down and allowing for longer production cycles. This will allow brands to support handmade textiles and give them back.

Reducing Impulse Purchases

Seasonless collections give consumers more time to consider buying. A style that isn’t available for long can make it seem like you need to rush to get it. This can lead to impulse purchases that may not be worn very often. Customers can take their time and think about buying a piece so they aren’t under any pressure to buy it soon.

Many times I get asked where I bought a particular item of clothing. It is no longer available because it was last season or last years. It’s great to be able to recommend pieces that I have loved for a while with a seasonal collection.

Reduced waste

There is a lot of textile waste generated by fashion, and most of it is either pre-consumer waste or production waste. Brands must order a certain quantity of fabric. Sometimes, the fabric might not be used. For example, a brand might have too much fabric to cut clothing, or they might change or cancel a style. These “deadstock”, or “roll-end,” fabrics will usually end up gathering dust. Even if they have to order more fabric than they need, a seasonless collection means that the brand can still use the fabric in future production runs. It won’t be “last year’s fabric” and go waste.

We can ditch fashion shows

This may seem like a con to you, but I find them completely unnecessary. In the past, buyers could attend fashion shows to see what was coming next season and customers could get a sneak peek of what it would look like. Fast fashion has revolutionized the industry by stealing trends directly from runways and putting them in stores within weeks.

I like that many of the small conscious brands I support do not prioritize putting on a big, expensive catwalk show. They choose to spend their money in ways that align with their mission, values, such as paying their workers fairly, reducing environmental impact, showing us the final garments and giving us transparency into their making process.

It will help you to develop your personal style

It’s easy to pick up the latest trends in stores, but it will also cost you a lot, create tons of pollution and make everyone look the same. This doesn’t make anyone happy. I have spoken to many people who love their clothes and said that they are satisfied with what they wear.

Seasonless fashion means that seasonal trends are no longer relevant. This allows consumers to focus on the clothes they love and not feel pressured to purchase the latest fashion.

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