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Essy Beauty Discount Code January 2019

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7 Reasons Why Use Skin Care Products with Natural Ingredients

Girls put an average of 168 compounds on their own body daily, according to a study from the Environmental Working Group. While men typically use fewer goods, they nevertheless slather on about 85 compounds every day.

1. Peace of Mind:

Surprisingly, the chemicals that go into beauty products are not regulated by the FDA. “I can not overstate how little law is now on the novels. The FDA virtually does not have any ability to control the goods we use every day.”

The truth is: We just don’t understand what’s safe and what’s not. “Many if not most of these substances are likely to secure,” Faber said. “We can’t know for certain because they haven’t been subject to any type of review by a third party”

Hoping for health and safety isn’t the same as trusting from the security of a product.

Utilizing products with natural ingredients provides a peace of mind that just cannot be obtained via unregulated products which use substances.

2. Better for the Skin:

The ideal all-natural ingredients may clear up breakouts, protect from sunlight damage, soothe soreness, and even more. As an example, Spirulina, also known as cyanobacteria comprises anti-inflammatory properties and can help slow down the effects of aging as well as moisturize and tone skin.

3. Better for the Body:

While our skin provides a protective barrier to keep out dangerous compounds, some compounds can creep past and be absorbed in our blood. In fact, 60% of what is applied to the skin may be immediately consumed. And studies have discovered that our immune system, moods, systems that were nervous and reproductive methods may be impacted by commercial care and beauty products.

4. What’s in People Fragrances?

Added fragrances are frequently utilized to cover the chemical aromas, so the result is a chemical on top of a compound. And since firms are not required from the FDA to disclose the ingredients in their own perfumes, some added fragrances utilize toxic chemicals that could be dangerous to the wearer.

5.  Better for the Environment:

If the chemicals in commercial beauty products are not bad for our skin and body, imagine what they are doing to the environment every time we clean them down the drain.

Additionally, conventional beauty products need ingredients which require extensive mining — such as oil, aluminum, and direct. The mining is damaging miles of land in areas such as the Amazon, along with the ingredients — like aluminum — have even been associated with breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Avoid Irritants:

Compounds in many normal products operate against the skin, rather than working with what’s currently there — as natural products do. This can lead to breakouts, irritations, redness, itching, and allergic reactions. Natural skincare products are gentler and more welcoming to your skin.

7. They Function Better:

Individuals with sensitive skin frequently react to the chemicals in conventional products. Though a few will still be sensitive to a few natural products (like lanolin if a person comes with a wool sensitivity), the ingredients in natural products generally will not aggravate skin. Plus, better-quality ingredients often means better results.



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