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ESQ coupons being introduced at the site in association with ESQ Coupons is a great combination to expect some lavishing discounts and offers to be availed here. These ESQ discount code can help you buy an impressive smile at the price that you are willing to pay.

There are many types of SHIRTS:

1. Oxford Cloth Button-Down shirt

The oxford fabric is made with a type of basketweave material and is thicker than formal shirts. An Oxford button-down shirt from Oxford is a great choice for casual and smart wear.


This shirt is a luxurious addition to your wardrobe due to its rich texture. The shirt is elegant in pastels, but it’s also available in many colors so you can pick the one that suits your needs.

A hanger loop is usually located at the back of the shirt, making it easy for you to store.

The Oxford button-down shirt is a versatile shirt for men. It’s known for its buttons that hold the collar in place. For grabbing drinks and dinner with friends, you can pair it with chinos or brogues.

Tip: Although the Oxford shirt is very stylish, it’s not recommended for professional events such as board meetings or interviews.


This timeless item will help you save time and avoid worrying about what to wear to the unexpected house party invitation.


2. Dress Shirt

A dress shirt is one of the most popular styles for men. It will make you smile as you go through important events.


A dress shirt with a cutaway collar, french cuffs, and a sleeve is essential for important events.

Cufflinks and formal shoes can jazz up a formal look.

When worn underneath the tuxedo jacket, the bib at the front of the dress shirt will give it a smooth appearance.

Tip: To complete your look, don’t forget a bow or a tie. Wear a crisp white shirt with a collar and make yourself stand out at social events.


3. Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts are a wardrobe necessity because of their versatility. These shirts can be used to layer and add warmth.


These shirts can be made from wool or cotton and are very soft and comfortable to wear. Combinations of a shirt and a t-shirt can be made with flannels.

These shirts can be worn for picnics, with friends or family, as well as on trips. Flannels can be paired with denim to create a sophisticated look.

Flannel has a relaxed vibe that is best worn in casual settings. The flannel fabric has a slightly raised texture that provides insulation and keeps you warm.

Tip: For a more lumberjack-like look, wear the flannel shirt with ripped jeans, boots, and a hat.


Browse through fashion shopping apps to find some amazing flannels shirts.


4. Denim Shirt

Denim was once only for bottom wear. These shirts are very distinctive. Denim is a durable piece of clothing that will last a lifetime.


These shirts can be worn with chinos, or a contrasting pair of jeans if you don’t want to wear the denim-on-denim pairing that Britteny Spears & Justin Timberlake have portrayed.

An extremely fashionable look is to wear white jeans and a denim shirt. Denim shirts can add texture to your outfit, and are a fun way to fashionably break out of the box.

Layer your denim shirt with plain tees to create a unique outfit.

You can wear it throughout the year, but denim is best worn in the pre-winter months.

Tip: These casual shirts can be accessorized with bracelets to add street style.


You’ll be able to make denim shirts look great and add a new dimension to your wardrobe.


5. Linen Shirts

This fabric is a summertime boon because it’s breathable and light. The sheer elegance and value of a linen shirt make it worth the investment.


You can wear your linen shirt during summer getaways. Pastel linen shirts look great paired with khakis and solid jeans.

Sunbathing on a beach with an open-front shirt will attract attention.

Linen shirts will be your go-to for cool days. Linen is the most flattering of all the shirts. A linen shirt is a great choice, as you won’t be able to go wrong if you pair it with jeans.

Tip: A white shirt is acceptable for summer weddings. For a unique festive look, it is a great shirt to pair with a blue suit.


6. Camp Collared Short Sleeve shirt

The classic spread collar, a short-sleeve shirt is a must for summer. There are many options for these shirts, from solid colors to bold prints. You can choose a design that suits your style and personality.


These breezy shirts make a great summer outfit and can be worn with jeans or shorts depending on the occasion.

Loafers are a great way to complete your casual look. You can also wear a patterned shirt and a pair of chinos for a more formal occasion. A fedora will add some style to your outfit.

This shirt is the perfect solution to all your clothing problems. This shirt is versatile and will have you ready in no time.

Tip: Slip a camp collar shirt under your swim trunks, and wear it with espadrilles. For a beach-ready look, add a canvas bag, straw hat and chunky accessories.


7. Chambray

Chambray shirts sound as sophisticated and elegant as they look.

Chambray fabric is often mistaken for jeans, but it has a fundamental difference. Chambray’s plain weave results in a lighter fabric, which makes it a popular choice for dudes.


Chambray looks great when paired with other colors.

The Chambray shirt is casually worn. For a more formal look, a blazer can be paired with it.

Chambray is very easy to style. However, you will need to make sure that your bottoms are in the right colors. Chambray shirts come in a wide range of colors, including a variety of blues and grays. Choose matching pants and you’re ready to go.

Tip: Wear these casual shirts with slip-on or loafer shoes to maintain the uniformity of the outfit.


8. Polo Shirt


A polo shirt can be worn with everything and anything.


This iconic brand has earned a unique place in fashion for its shirts. You can pick your favorite from a variety of colors.


These shirts can be worn casually, but they are perfect for parties and small celebrations.

A Polo shirt can be worn in shorts or sweatpants. A solid polo shirt, amongst the many shirts for men is an endless choice of clothing.

It can be styled in any way you want and will make you look great. Its woven fabric sets it apart from other casual shirts. You can also wear it outside without worrying about it being too formal.

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