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7 Items for Your Pet First Aid Kit:

1. Bandages:

Gauze, clean rags, even a sock may be utilized as bandage material to help control bleeding and keep wounds clean until they may be treated by a vet. Non-adhesive vet wrap is also great to have at a dog or cat first aid kit since it doesn’t adhere to animal fur and is easier to remove. Meanwhile, the duct tape can be useful for holding temporary wraps or splints.

2. Scissors:

It could be extremely tricky to cut off the tape, gauze, splints, or any other type of bandaging material without the use of scissors. There are even specially made scissors or shears with an edge that permits you to remove bandaging near your pet’s skin without even cutting him or her.

3. Sterile Saline Eye Wash:

Sterile saline wash is vital should your pet have smoke or debris in its eyes. Just apply liberally and then flush your eyes until all debris has been removed. You may also wish to keep some sterile eye hydration on your cat or pet first aid kit, so that you may Heal your pet’s eyes following using the sterile flush.

4. Water:

Water is not just helpful for rehydrating a furry friend, but also for flushing wounds, soothing burns, washing off toxins, soaking a paw, or heating an overheated pet. Maintain a gallon of water into your first aid kit together with a noodle dish in case you are away from home.

5. Medications:

Along with a small volume of your pet’s regular medications, maintain styptic powder, diphenhydramine, and sugar tablets from your pet first aid kit.

Hydrogen peroxide may also be stored in a pet aid kit, as it may causing vomiting and help eliminate ingested toxins or foreign objects. However, this should just be under the direction of a vet, as a few toxins or substances will cause more injury if they’re vomited up. Additionally, hydrogen peroxide should never be awarded to a kitty.

6. Dish Soap:

Dish soap, for example, Dawn, is very effective in eliminating toxins from the skin and fur. Just make sure you wash and nourish your pet after with water.

7. Thermometer:

A thermometer is necessary for determining if your pet has a fever or is hypothermic (the standard body temperature for a cat and dog is roughly 99.5-102.5°F). But, veterinarians typically recommend that the temperatures be taken rectally because it more accurately reflects the pet’s core body temperature. To create the insertion easier in your pet, maintain an oil or water-based lubricant from the very first aid kit.

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