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Embellish Beauty Discount Code and promo code

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There are many types of false eyelashes available:

False Eyelashes to Deep Set Eyes

Long, wispy eyelashes are best for deep-set eyes. These lashes will highlight your eyes. Your eyes will appear more beautiful and shallower if you have long, wispy eyelashes. Long lashes in the middle will make your eyes appear larger. This will make your eyes appear larger than normal.


False eyelashes for round eyes

False eyelashes are most suitable for round eyes. Round eyes are the lucky ones. Criss-cross lashes, however, are best for round eyes. These lashes make round eyes look beautiful and perfect.


False Eyelashes to Make Mono-Lidded Eyes Look Great

Multi-layered lashes are best for monolid eyes. Mixed-length lashes are also an option. False lashes that have both long and short hair can help open your eyes. Wispy lashes are best if you prefer deep-set eyes. These false lashes have long hair at the center of the strip. This lash will add depth to your eyes.


False eyelashes for close-set eyes

For this type of eye, the best false lashes are long and thick crisscross lashes. This will frame your eyes perfectly. The beautiful effect of crisscross false eyelashes creating the illusion of larger eyes will be stunning.


False eyelashes for hooded eyes

Eyelids cannot be seen clearly due to hooded eyes. You should be careful when choosing false eyelashes if you have hooded or squinting eyes. If you choose the wrong lashes, your eyes can appear small. Fluttery lashes with long lashes are a good way to open your eyes from the center. This will allow you to see clearly through your hooded eye.


False Lashes for Upturned Eyes

Flared half-lashes in the outer corner are the best choice for the upturned eye. If you prefer a flattering look, you can use criss-cross lashes. For those with ruptured eyes, crisscross false eyelashes are the best choice. They can be long and voluminous. This will frame your eyes beautifully and give them a stunning look.


Almond Eyes

If you have almond eyes, you are fortunate. This eye shape is compatible with all types of false eyelashes. It is possible to achieve any look that you desire, but it will depend on what you choose. You can choose the lashes that you like best. If your look is more natural, go for softer lashes. For a glamorous look, go for lashes with glam.


Downturned eyes

False eyelashes can give you a cat-eye look by blending your eyes. It will look even more stunning if you combine your eyeliner and the eyelashes. Flared false eyelashes will give your eyes a more balanced, lifted look.

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