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Advantages and Disadvantages of Robotic Automation

The increasing popularity of robotics automation in many different industries is expected to grow in the next few years as companies look to reap the numerous advantages it can bring. Manufacturing companies within the UK are beginning to spend more in technology to prepare for our departure from EU which will allow them to keep their edge on the market.

Naturally it is not all convinced of the benefits that robotic automation could bring. There’s a certain skepticism regarding the possibility of the possibility of modifying an existing production line, as well as some legitimate concerns raised by those who are not yet able to experience the new technology. To take on all sides in the debate We have compiled some brief benefits and disadvantages of robotic automation.


Cost Effectiveness

There will be no lunch breaks and holidays, sick days or shift times allocated to robot automation. It is possible to set it to run on a repeating cycle, and so long as it’s maintained properly it will continue to perform this until it is programmed to change. This will eliminate the possibility that RSI happening.

The rise in production with lower costs is a clear benefit for any business. The investment costs can be recouped in a relatively short amount of time and the results after that are exponential, to at the very least.

Improved Quality Assurance

Many workers do not enjoy performing repetitive tasks , and after a certain amount of time, their concentration levels naturally drop. The lapse in focus is often referred to as the vigilance decline and is often the cause to costly mistakes for the company and, in some cases, seriously ill-health for employees.

Robotic automation reduces the risk by ensuring that products to meet the standard without failing. With more products being shipped out to a higher quality This opens up a variety of business opportunities that companies can expand on.

Increased Productivity

Utilizing robotic automation to handle repetitive tasks makes perfect sense. Robots are made to make repetitive motions. Humans, by nature, do not. Automating manufacturing processes can bring diverse productivity advantages, a few of which are discussed in this article.

The opportunity for staff members to develop their abilities and be able to take on other tasks can create a more positive work environment that the business in general is able to benefit. With more energy and a greater focus on your work quality of the product will only get better, which will result in extremely happy customers.

There are many different calculators to help you calculate the efficiency of your process that are available for be downloaded from our resource section on our website.

Work In Hazardous Environments

Apart from the possibility of injury in the workplace, workers in specific industries could be expected to be in dangerous or unstable situations. For instance, if a excessive amount of chemicals are present, robot automation can be the perfect solution as it will work without injury.

Industries that need extremely extreme temperatures or extremely low temperatures usually have high turnover of personnel because of the nature of tasks. Robots that are automated can reduce production waste and eliminate the need for human beings be at danger.


Potential Job Losses

One of the major worries with regard to the advent of robots is the potential impact on the jobs of workers. If a robot is able to perform more quickly and at a regular rate, then the concern is that human beings might not be required for any reason. While these fears can be understood, they are not the truth.

This was also the case during the beginning in the industrial revolution and, as the past has shown us, humans continue to play a vital part in the development of. Amazon is an excellent illustration for this. The rate of employment has grown quickly during the time they’ve grown from approximately 1,000 robots to more than 45,000.

Initial Investment Costs

This is often the largest hurdle that determines the company’s decision to is willing to invest in robotics automation or wait to implement it at the time comes to invest in robotic automation. A complete business case has to be developed prior to the application the technology. The rewards can be significant and often happen in an extremely short period of time. But the cash flow has to be able to sustain itself in the interim in order to ensure the sustainability of the business isn’t worthwhile if returns are not even small. However, most of the time there is an option to pay back a loan that helps to manage and budget your the financials. Our automated payback calculator that you can download also includes a financing scheme option, so you can determine how this could be beneficial for you.

Improved throughput and less defects should be taken into consideration along with capital investment when determining whether or not there’s an investment case that can be justified. Intangible benefits should also be taken into consideration, and we have developed an intangible benefits calculator that you can download to assist you in this.

Hiring Skilled Staff

In the last decade, manufacturers have faced difficulties in find skilled workers to fill the roles of specialized workers within their facilities. Automation adds an additional element to the problem since the machines require programming and knowledge of how they operate. In actuality, this provides more possibilities for employees who are already working to receive training and increase their skills. Automation companies can help in the initial installation and setup process. With the right knowledge, staff can be taught and adapted to run the robots over the long run.

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