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What are the benefits of electric locks?

An electric lock simply means a lock that is powered by an electrical current. The lock is activated by either providing or removing power using magnets, solenoids or motors. The electronic lock has many advantages, especially in today’s digital age. They are easy to use and offer greater security and control, with failsafe and fail secure options.

Is it always a problem to have keys?

You want to reduce costs and avoid losing or being stolen keys in your building. Keyless door locks could be the answer. A keyless door lock can be controlled by an adjoining access system. It can open doors using a key card or pin entry, fob, phone acces, and many other methods. These locks are ideal for larger access, such as in schools, restaurants, and retail. This allows hundreds of people to gain access to the system (or to have it taken away) with just a touch of a button. The Act 5e digital keypad can be used for medium applications, such as a block or flats. It has 10 user codes.

Are you able to offer a flexible workforce?

Access control systems are essential for large businesses, flats, and other applications that need extra security. The BURG–WACHTER secuENTRY Fingerscan Door Lock enables additional security via fingerprint. It also works with the TSE software to manage users.

You should always buy replacement keys

Entering a pin code and swiping keys access cards both ensure that there are no mechanisms or keys that can become bent, worn or broken. It is much easier to replace key access cards, calibrate them for new users, and remove them from a system to ensure they aren’t stolen or used for entry.

Do you want to grant remote access?

An intercom and electric lock can be used to remotely open your front door. You can control your home, office, or building with your smartphone. It provides security and flexibility. The Comelit Vizto WiFi video intercom lets users see who is coming and unlock the door using their smartphone.

Are you unsure which type of lock is best for you? We offer a wide range of access control and electric locks. No matter how big or small, our technical support team is always available to offer advice.

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