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The main advantages of electric motors

What are the benefits of electric bikes? Is it worth having an electric bike? Why buy an electric bike? We are asked these questions almost every day, and for good reason. Electric vehicles are one of the fastest growing solutions to our daily transportation problems, and many people (like you) are interested in “going green” and reducing their carbon footprint, but they don’t know how there is enough value to justify the purchase. group.

We are here to tell you that there are many, and below we have compiled our top benefits of owning and riding an e-bike. What are the benefits of electric bikes?

They are good for the environment
Let’s start with the most obvious benefit of all: e-bikes are a clean and efficient way to travel, helping to protect the environment we live in. As the traditional use of gas-powered cars continues to increase around the world, making the right decision to switch to e-bikes whenever possible is a smart choice for now and in the future.

Electric generators do not use fossil fuels (if you pay for your electricity from green, natural sources) and do not release carbon dioxide, particulates and other harmful substances into the air. Perhaps just as important, they don’t need much of an environment to do either.

They keep you busy
Another good reason to use an e-bike is that it can improve your health – just like riding a bike, although e-bikes get a bad reputation. for making cycling less comfortable for us than sitting in a car or a car. a bicycle. car or train thanks to the engine. It is not true.

In fact, the presence of a motor (which helps to boost you in addition to your running effort) can help you enjoy regular exercise, providing benefits such as better muscle tone, health, heart health and others. Also, if you want to ride with less effort, you can always adjust the power setting so that when you pedal it gives less assistance. It’s good, huh? Read our blog here for more tips on the health benefits of e-bikes.

They make climbing easier
One of the pitfalls of cycling (even for some enthusiasts) is the need to climb hills. If you are someone who wants to enjoy a bike without worrying about the hills, then an electric bike is the answer.

With the help of a motor, the effort you put in can be doubled or even tripled, giving you the boost you need to cross the hills with ease. Most of the time, you may not see the mountain.

You can ride fast
Because of the assistance that the motor can provide, an electric bike can help you drive faster than a non-electric bike. Although the e-cloud is limited to 25 km / h with the assistance of the motor, it accelerates repeatedly under this speed which often consumes effort.

And accelerations (usually from stops at traffic lights) made it easier and faster, you spend less time running and slower. But, if you want to drive faster than 25 km / h (for example, on a downhill or on a clear road) with your energy saved, then you can – the engine will stop for a while time until you return under 25 km. /h.

They make your trip faster and better
An e-bike is a great tool for healthy and friendly cycling. In many cases, they can even make the trip more effective than it would otherwise be.

Take a person commuting by car: think of all the time they spend sitting on the road, plus the cost of the car and the stress of parking. And now who uses public transport: entering the train station, waiting for the train, sharing your journey in a narrow space, wasting time… the electric bike can help you to avoid all these problems.

They help you drive forward
Have you ever wanted to explore by bike? Getting to know your surroundings is one of the great joys of cycling, but getting where you want to go can be a challenge. Electric motors make things easier. With a battery that can provide a range of 40-50km or more, being in the area suddenly means going further, and you don’t need a motor to get there and back.

You don’t need a driver’s license
E-bikes don’t require you to get a driver’s license, and they don’t need to be registered, taxed or insured. This makes them as easy to own as stainless steel, and very affordable.

You must be at least 14 years old to ride one, but this is the only restriction added to e-bikes that meet the criteria for so-called “assisted pedal cycles” (EAPC).

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