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EJuice101 Discount Code & Coupons

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The first step is always to be Knowledgeable about the device you are using. Each vaporizer design is different and not all vapes were created equal. Some are narrow, some are big. Some run colder or warmer than others. Some are made for very heavy e-liquids, while some are created for thin. There’ll be instructions and recommendations for every single version of vape, as well as reviews from other customers to steer you through the experience you’re looking for.

Know it’s temperature, The PG/VG equilibrium it enjoys best, and also how to take it apart, clean it, and put it back together as though you were a marine along with the vaporizer was your gun safe. Trust us – you will be rebuildingcleaning, and assembling your vape a good deal.


The strangest thing an e-liquid enthusiast may ever see is the Sight of your liquid dribbling from the bottom or side of your vaporizer as you pour your favorite taste to the tank. They function great when the liquid could soak in your coils and heat into vapor without bending to the port chamber or all on your hands.


Reassemble everything involving tanks. If you’re on the go and do not have enough time to clean, just take a minute to be certain everything is tight prior to refilling. This may avert catastrophe.
The Same as eating your favorite meals over and over again, Vaping exactly the identical flavor non-stop can make it reduce its special-ness. When your tongue and sinuses get too used to a taste, you may begin to overlook some enjoyment by losing touch with the subtle traces of your favorite accent tastes in each blend.

Keep a Selection of soaked coils, each committed to your Favorite taste or your favorite mix of flavors. By switching them out as the mood strikes you, then you can be sure every billow of blossoms that are yummy tastes as wonderful as the first time you vaped that particular flavor.


For many mad vapers out there the flavor is great, but a large part of the joy is that the clouds themselves. It’s wonderful to see the clouds billow from the atmosphere, blow them through shafts of light or intermittent shadows, and watch vapor swirl away from you. Some folks delight in filling glasses with the vape and a few have the lung capacity and determination to fill whole rooms. But , you will need in order to actually make clouds!

Start Looking for e-liquid combinations that have a high VG ratio in Comparison to the PG. VG is thicker than PG and will consequently generate more viscous, massive, and highly visible clouds.


Once you have the perfect big-cloud e-liquid at a taste That tickles the taste buds and joy that your nasal passages, it is time to maximize for flavor. Look for vaporizers that provide ample ventilation from beneath the coil, typically viewed as an adjustable spinning port. As a word of caution, this vent is where any leaking out of loose gaskets will become obvious.

The size of your drip-tip (mouthpiece) can also a thing for Getting the large flavor and strong throat strikes. A more narrow drip-tip will focus the vapor as it flows right into the mouth area, letting you taste more of your e-liquid until you exhale and match the room with sweet-smelling clouds.


Obviously, you don’t need to rely completely on the flavors that you’re able to buy pre-made. Many vapor connoisseurs fine-tune their flavors by Mixing favorites until they find some truly dreamy combinations. However, not all Flavors are created equal and some are amazingly strong. When you find yourself with a mixture or a premade taste you think would be perfect if it Were a little milder, there’s a remedy for that, also!

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